One Christ, Many Creeds

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Ever wondered why there are so many denominations? This book offers some answers from a Lutheran perspective.
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It's easy to think all Christians believe the same doctrine, but the differences are astounding. Baptism, Communion, and free will are all examples of some of the major differences among Christian denominations.

In One Christ, Many Creeds, the teachings of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and fifteen other Christian denominations are examined and compared. Students develop a deeper understanding of the similarities as well as the differences that exist between Christian denominations.

This essential Bible study prepares students of all ages to represent their Lutheran faith in light of other Christian denominations.
Contains both leaders materials and reproducible student pages.

Denominations examined:

  • Lutherans
  • Roman Catholicism
  • Eastern Orthodoxy
  • Presbyterians
  • Christian Reformed
  • Anglicans/Episcopalians
  • Methodists
  • Salvation Army
  • Church of the Nazarene
  • Baptists
  • Mennonites
  • Seventh-day Adventists
  • United Church of Christ
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • Pentecostalism/Assemblies of God
  • Emerging Churches
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