On-the-Go Prayers

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Small enough to fit in a purse or glove box, this book offers prayers for all different situations we face.
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Make prayer part of your daily routine!
You rush out the door, jump in the car, buckle your seat belt, and head out for the day. During those last few minutes when we’re preparing to leave home, whatever the reason, our mind is filled with checklists—turn out the lights, grab the keys, remember the backpack and lunch box, coats and gloves. Did someone feed the dog and take out the trash? Did I unplug the iron? The clock is ticking. There is no time to waste. But there is time to pray. It takes only a minute.
Perfect to read aloud by the parents in the driver's seat before driving away or the child in the back seat, these prayers remind families that we should at all times give praise to the Lord. 
Includes classic, daily, special day, school, feelings and situation prayers, Scripture passages and well known hymns.
Its small convenient size allows for easy storage in the glove box, car door pocket, purse, or briefcase. 
About the Author
Author Susan K. Leigh is an editor and author of several children’s picture books including twelve titles in the popular God I Need To Talk to You series and Luther the Graphic Novel. 
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