Music in Early Lutheranism (ebook Edition)

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Look inside the life and work of seven of the most significant musicians who shaped church music during the first 150 years of Lutheranism.

This volume is an introduction to the music and worship of early Lutheranism as reflected in the life and work of seven of the most significant musicians and composers whose work shaped church music in Lutheranism's first 150 years.

The musicians include:
  • Johann Walter
  • Georg Rhau
  • Hans Leo Hassler
  • Michael Praetorius
  • Johann Hermann Schein
  • Samuel Scheidt
  • Heinrich Schuetz
In the work of these men, the evangelical thrust of the Reformation took shape to combine a truly popular vehicle of the people—the chorale—with art music of the highest excellence. The result of their efforts was some of the greatest church music the world has even known.
This examination of the music of early Lutheranism together with the theological ideas which motivated its composers may well be the first step to approaching more realistically and faithfully the problems and questions which continue to vex the musical and liturgical life of today's church.
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