Margo Heath-Dupre

Margo Heath-Dupre

Margo's commitment to Christian ministry has been and continues to be supporting Christian education sustaining the ability to keep people connected to and mindful of the teachings of Jesus as relevant while engaged in their daily lives. She has a Bachelor degree in art education from the University of Detroit-Mercy and a Master of Education degree in curriculum and instruction from Concordia University – Portland, Oregon. Mrs. Dupre has been married over twenty years to husband, Pastor Brian Dupre. Together, they have four young adults. She has served with her husband in cross-cultural ministry in West Texas. Margo has served in women’s ministry and written various biblical studies focused on women’s concerns. As a Christian school art teacher, she focused on integrating Christianity into the visual arts. Margo loves gardening, especially kitchen herbs. She enjoys reading books from Christian authors who expand on the stories of the biblical people using their research and imagination taking us into their daily lives. And, she enjoys spending time with my husband going on walks, playing pool at home and watching a good movie. She still finds time to do her art work using colored pencil on paper which is her first love and creating mixed medium 2-D works made from paint, paper and yarn. Currently Margo is serving with her husband in the ministry at Shadow of the Cross Lutheran Church in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Margo is available to speak at conference, retreats, etc. on the following topics: Prayer: The Lord’s Special Strength for Mothers: Explore challenges faced by biblical mothers of great faith and be mentored by their endurance. Diversity in the Christian Church: Discuss challenges, discomforts and the desire to embrace one another. Christian Diligence: Discuss topics such as an intentional mindset, purposeful behaviors and the story of our biblical mentors with readers studying: Be Thou My Guide Bible study. Christianity in the Visual Arts: Discuss how to better integrate Christianity into the visual arts education program designed with the K-12 educator in mind. Christian Art History: Spreading the Gospel of Jesus by exploring Christian history using the Visual Arts. Topic can be custom designed for all interested including educators, church groups, retreats (adult, high school and middle school). SKYPE with the Margo: Open to requests via for discussion with small reading groups or book clubs using the study: Be Thou My Guide. God’s Love in the Blended Family: Author discusses the challenges and blessings as well as shares personal experiences.

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