Lutheranism 101 - Third Edition

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This conversational reference guide helps you easily get to know the basics of Lutheran theology in a way that won't make your brain hurt.
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What makes the Lutheran confession of faith unique? Why is Lutheran worship different than at the church next door? Does it have to be confusing? If you’re a lifelong Lutheran looking to dig deeper, new to Lutheranism and want answers, or are just curious about the Lutheran church—this book is for you! Conversational and fun to flip through, this reference guide helps you easily get to know theology basics in a way that won’t make your brain hurt.

Inside this third edition, you'll find new and updated sections including:

  • Expanded use of the primary catechetical texts,
  • The Confessions as a key to understanding who Lutherans are,
  • Broadened unit on Marriage featuring exploring sexual feelings in marriage and the role of Church and State,
  • Highlighting the unique nature of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper,
  • Evangelism,
  • And two new essays on heritage of music and Lutheran identity.
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