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Written by a team of respected Lutheran scholars, this book is a how-to for individuals wanting more out of their spiritual lives.
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Do you want a closer relationship with God? Are there days when you feel far away from him? Instead of depending on your own strength, learn to depend on His!
This book, adapted from the popular Bible study series of the same name, explores the rich depths of a distinctively Lutheran spirituality. In Baptism founded upon God’s Word, the incarnate, crucified, and resurrected Lord proclaims His victory over sin, death, and the devil. From there flows the proclamation of His Gospel and the administration of His Sacraments. It is through these means presented within the liturgy of His Church that Christ communicates not merely spiritual energies, an emotional high, a method of reasoning, or a stringent morality, but He truly communicates Himself—God in human flesh.

This book is a how-to for Lutherans wanting more out of their spiritual life written by respected Lutheran scholars. It will help leaders in the church discover reachable goals to strengthen their own faith and help others grow strong as well.

Contents Include:

  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • Word: God Speaks to Us
  • Prayer: We Speak to God
  • Confession: God Gives Us Truth
  • Cross: We Suffer with Jesus
  • Witness: We Share Our Faith
  • Vocation: God Serves through Us
  • Community: We Are Not Alone
  • Promise: God Is for Us
  • Glossary
  • Scripture Index

Lutheran Spirituality contributors

General Editor: Rev. Robert C. Baker


Rev. William M. Cwirla
Pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Hacienda Heights, California


Rev. John T. Pless
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions & Director of Field Education
Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Author of Handling the Word of Truth: Law and Gospel in the Church Today


Rev. Dr. John Kleinig
Dean of Chapel & Head of Biblical Studies, Australian Lutheran College, Adelaide, Australia
Author of Grace upon Grace: Spirituality for Today & Concordia Commentary: Leviticus


Rev. Dr. Holger Sonntag
Translator of Albrecht Peters, Commentary on Luther’s Catechisms: Ten Commandments


Rev. Dr. Klaus Detlev Schulz
Professor and Chair of Pastoral Ministry and Missions & Dean of Graduate Studies
Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Author of Mission from the Cross: The Lutheran Theology of Mission (also available in a Lay Reader’s Edition)


Rev. Chad Hoover
Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Kalkaska, Michigan


Rev. Dr. Naomichi Masaki
Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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