Lord of Legends: Jesus' Redemption Quest

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Come on an adventure with author Eric Eichinger as he unpacks the saga of Jesus' Hero Journey.
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The Hero's Journey has been repeated throughout all of history: from mythological tales of great warriors to fantasy novels on today's bookshelves. These heroes are a source of inspiration and hope for all who listen to their thrilling stories. But, what if one of these heroes was actually real, rather than a tall-tale or passed-down mythology?

Jesus Christ is a real hero, born to save all of humanity from their villains: death, the devil, and sin. God created and perfected The Hero's Journey through Him, from creating the Ordinary World, to fufilling the Chosen One prophecy of the Old Testament through Christ's birth in the New Testament. 

Come on an adventure with author Eric Eichinger as he unpacks the saga of Jesus' Hero Journey. You'll see how aspects of this journey are seen in popular stories, and how God used Jesus to create the most action-packed one with a real Savior for all. 

About the Author

Eric Eichinger is senior pastor of Bethel Lutheran in Clearwater, Florida. He previously served as a missionary in China. 

What Others Are Saying

Lord of Legends connects, compares, and contrasts the true story of Scripture with many well-known adventure stories, ancient and modern, that our world likes to tell. Eichinger has challenged me, a father of boys, to put to godly use my knowledge of epic sagas, lightsabers, and superheroes. He has also motivated me to hone my pastoral storytelling skills when speaking of the greatest Hero, Jesus. Whether a parent, pastor, or some other person, this book will strengthen your faith and prepare you with the Word, that you may help any fan of legends to meet the true Lord.

Rev. Jonathan Gruen, Senior Pastor, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Lee’s Summit, MO

Lord of Legends is a blockbuster book. Every sentence, every paragraph, every chapter is as action-packed as a movie trailer. [Eric Eichinger] helps us readers see how comic books, films, and even the classics all point to Jesus—the epic hero of the story we’re all living. Everyone from teen fans of the [Marvel Cinematic Universe] to pastors attempting Lord of the Rings references in their sermons will benefit from this book. Pastor Eric Eichinger is the Obi-Wan Kenobi we need to understand our own place in Christ’s story.

—Rev. Benjamin D. Haupt, PhD, Associate Provost, Concordia Seminary

Lord of Legends is a fantastic effort at sharing Christ in today’s world. It is well researched, creative, and should resonate easily with our current culture. Eric exhibits a sensitive feel for the real world both in and outside of the Christian Church. He approaches this effort at outreach with the same passion and practicality St. Paul did so many centuries ago. Too often, theological efforts are dull and difficult for anyone but scholars to be interested in. This book has the potential to arouse a new excitement among many who have never considered the real story of Jesus, the Messiah.

—Rev. Tim Seeber, Pastor, Zion Lutheran Church, Kalamazoo, MI

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