Little Visits at Bedtime

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An easy and rewarding way to make Jesus time part of your child's bedtime routine.
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Little Visits at Bedtime helps your child make a smooth transition from a busy day to bedtime. It helps you and your child focus your thoughts and conversations on the blessings of your day and God's gifts to you. Every element on every page has a very specific purpose and intent. Each bedtime "Little Visit" includes:

For Child and Parent
  • Let's Remember—a Bible verse
  • A Devotional Story—the devotional stories are long enough to trigger thought but short enough to allow time for parent-child conversation
  • Let's Talk—an open ended question to spark thought and conversation
  • A Bedtime Prayer—a bedtime prayer to be said before lights-out
For the Parent
  • Parent Connection—practical ideas and content related to child development
  • Bringing It Home—foundational content for your own spiritual growth

From the Author
Bedtime routines are especially important to your child's health and your sanity. It's the opportunity to turn off all the gadgets and electronics so you can share valuable time with your child, and it's a great time to anchor your family in faith in Jesus.

"Bedtime is more than a bridge between day and night. For a child, sleep-time conversations are an opportunity to review the day and share fears, hopes, and dreams. Shielded from the day's distractions, at bedtime, we recapture the purity of the parent-child relationship. The brief talk-triggers in "Little Visits at Bedtime" will help you and your child expand on both the big events and small details that define life and God is truly with him or her. A little visit with God at bedtime transitions a child into a gentle close of the day as he or she "moves" from your loving arms to the comforting arms of his or her heavenly Father."

—Mary Manz Simon, author and practical parenting specialist

What made you write Little Visits with Jesus?

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About the Series
For more than 50 years the Little Visits series has been associated with family devotions that share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with children! Each book in the series reinforces scriptural truths and faith concepts centered on God's love for us through Christ Jesus.

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