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This highly visual Bible overview puts you on the fast track for better understanding the Holy Scriptures.
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The Bible is both incredibly simple and wonderfully complex! If you are new to Christianity (or even if you grew up surrounded by the Holy Scriptures), it’s normal that your days are filled with faith questions—questions that reveal a desire to dig deeper into God’s Word.

Know the Bible Now is a confidence-booster book that helps you embrace a fuller understanding of the biblical narrative. Whether you’re looking for ways to comfortably participate in Bible studies or wanting some scriptural background before teaching your kids, this highly visual Bible overview will put you on the fast track for understanding. The chapters combine 120 significant Scripture passages with easy-to-skim infographics that connect all of the Word to Jesus, from creation to Revelation. This unique resource both strengthens your faith and quickly increases your Bible literacy skills by presenting:

  • The story of God and His people from beginning to end in 120 key Bible stories
  • Overviews of biblical events
  • Big themes and teachings found in the Bible
  • 107 infographic summaries for all 66 books of the Bible
  • 134 realistic art prints

Know the Bible Now is a genuine antidote to biblical illiteracy, and a welcome solution to the problems illiteracy raises. The editors and publisher have not used the ‘Read the Bible in A Year’ approach through the familiar listings of daily devotional segments of Holy Writ. Instead, they have responded to authorities in the field of education, who tell us that the literary vehicle most likely to draw attention and to effortlessly enter the memory is the story. Accordingly, they have chosen the 120 greatest stories in the Old and New Testaments to engage the reader. Whoever reads this book will be rewarded with a more comprehensive understanding of Holy Scripture. Readers will see how it all fits together in a masterpiece of creative unity, as revealed by its ultimate Author.”

—Paul L. Maier, Professor Emeritus of Ancient History at Western Michigan University

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