Kindergarten Sticker Book - Enduring Faith Religion Curriculum

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The Kindergarten Sticker Book provides stickers to pair with each of the seventy lessons of the Enduring Faith Religion Curriculum.
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Buy one Teacher Guide per class and one Student Book per student. Sticker Books may also be purchased for each student. 

The Kindergarten Sticker Book includes vibrant, illustrative stickers to accompany the Preschool lessons in the Enfuring Faith Religion Curriculum.

About the Curriculum

The Enduring Faith Religion Curriculum includes seventy lessons, divided across eight units, that cover the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Lutheran schools will be able to walk together in the faith, as every classroom learns the same overarching Bible accounts each week. All students share in learning one central truth per lesson, which will remain consistent year to year to reinforce learning. To facilitate this shared mission, the curriculum includes a Scope & Sequence document that collects every lesson across eight units of curriculum into one place for quick reference by staff, students, and parents.

New Lutheran Religion Standards inform the entire curriculum. Created by an interdisciplinary team of LCMS pastors, administrators, and teachers, the Lutheran Religion Standards provide a concrete, objective framework for Lutheran education that is engaging to students, accessible to teachers, and aligned to the needs of Lutheran Schools. The standards guide every lesson in the Enduring Faith Curriculum so that students will be equipped and formed in preparation for a lifetime of growing in their Christian identity and calling.

This curriculum also includes a variety of digital tools, including an online version of the Scope & Sequence document, Unit & Lesson Summaries, Unit Video Overviews, Memory Verse Activities, and Checks for Student Understanding.  

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