Joyfully Aging: A Christian’s Guide

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Readers of all ages gain insight on the limitless opportunities to witness their faith to others and live vibrant, grace-filled lives.
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In Joyfully Aging, readers gain insight on the limitless opportunities to witness their faith to others and live vibrant, grace-filled lives. Be encouraged to celebrate the blessing of aging and the gift of life.

"If there is one thing we are all doing together in this life, it’s aging!
We are all aging! More of us are growing older. And more of us are growing older, longer.
So, what are you and I going to do about it? Answering this question is what Joyfully Aging is all about.
It is about celebrating God’s gift of aging."

—Excerpt from Joyfully Aging

About the Author

Dr. Rich Bimler is former president of Wheat Ridge Ministries and currently serves Wheat Ridge part-time as Senior Staff Associate and with Lutheran Life Communities. His previous work includes LCMS National Staff, DCE, and assistant to the president of the LCMS. Bimler is an active writer, blogger, and speaker. 

What Others Are Saying
"Bimler is becoming the expert on humor and aging. What makes Rich’s voice so vital is his ability to connect wisdom and wit with the 'wow' of affirming life as a gift from God. Rich convinces us that when we are reminded that life is about Him, we are able to age in a manner similar to a fine wine—with the best fruit of our God given labors yet to come."
Dr. Kurt Senske
CEO of Lutheran Social Services of the South and Chairman of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

"Dr. Rich Bimler's wit, wisdom, and inspiration shine through on every page of Joyfully Aging. Using Scripture as constant touchstone Dr. Bimler (or "Rich," as people all over the world know him) provides an antidote to our youth obsessed culture with a perspective on aging as a time to reflect, mentor, laugh, connect, and pray. What a treasure for old and young alike."
David Walsh, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Author, and Speaker

"We have no choice in growing old, but we can choose how we live our later years. Rich Bimler invites us to experience growing older as a spiritual passage. He engages the reader with spiritual insights and a positive, hopeful attitude. He is a master storyteller showing us how to make sense of the aging experience and how to live with courage and meaning. This gem of a book will delight, encourage, and inspire all readers."
Rev. Dr. Richard H. Gentzler, Jr.
Director, Center on Aging and Older Adult Ministries
General Board of Discipleship of The United Methodist Church

"In Joyfully Aging, Rich urges us to get rid of gloomy despair and re-focus on the reality of the Risen Lord and our resurrection life, the true source of Joy! A profound biblical truth underlies Joyfully Aging: while the devil and his minions would wipe the smile from our faces, the world can laugh again, for despair is replaced by the Joy of Salvation in Jesus, the Risen One! Pointing us to that reality, Rich encourages people of all ages to share the Good News that alone can lift hearts and spirits! Thanks, Rich! Good theology! Good humor!"
Rev. Dr. Thomas R. Zehnder
Pastor LCMS
President Emeritus, Florida-Georgia District, LCMS
Executive Director, LCMS World Mission (Ret.)

"Joyfully Aging is not only the title of Richard Bimler’s latest book but is a synopsis of its content as well—plus a delightful description of the author’s own life moment. In forty six crisply written chapters Richard let’s us in on the joy he has found throughout the aging process and shines his unique light of humorous insight onto a period of life so misunderstood by many. Richard shows us how God means aging to be a joyful, life long process. One way God does this is by reserving the gift of grandchildren until we are old enough to appreciate and enjoy the blessings of youth. Richard helps us get into that frame of mind."
Charles S. Mueller, Sr.
Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Roselle, Illinois

"Aging!—It’s something we all do effortlessly and without exception. Some do it gracefully, even elegantly, others by whimpering and wailing in protest. You know the sorts who actually answer the question 'How are you?' by giving an organ recital—the anatomical, not musical version—when the only polite answer to that query is 'Fine,” however great the fib. For all who have a hard time dealing with years that should truly be golden in the best sense, Rich Bimler comes to the rescue in these pages with his trademark blend of wit, wisdom, and worship. (Chapter titles like 'Amazing Grays,' 'Groan-Ups,' and even 'The Gift of Aging' only hint at the fun in store.) A gifted Christian humorist and wordsmith, Bimler examines aging now that he is also a happy victim of the phenomenon, and he delivers delightful therapy for all who try to resist. Read these pages and—improbable to imagine!—you may even enjoy the aging process."
Paul L. Maier
Professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University and author of both scholarly and popular works

"Aging is not only done by the elderly; it is a lifelong journey and a gracious gift of God. As a 21 year old, I gained a marvelous new perspective of the aging process through Dr. Bimler's witty words and delightful sense of humor. This is a wonderful read from start to finish for both the young and the young at heart."
Rachel Cillick
Student of Gerontology and Health Services

"My friend says, 'I used to think birthdays and Christmases would never come; now they are here all the time!' Rich has it right: we are all aging—some of us faster than others. With humorous stories, insightful questions, and candid reflections, Rich challenges folks of all ages to celebrate life and reminds us that God, in Christ Jesus, has an un-aging plan for us and an ageless message of salvation to proclaim and practice as we live for Him. Like other Bimler books, Joyfully Aging is a must read. It stirs, stimulates, delights, and even demonstrates Rich is getting better with age!"

Brian L. Friedrich
President Concordia University, Nebraska and Aging Member of the Rich Bimler Fan Club

"Joyfully Aging is another example of Rich Bimler’s wonderful ability to encourage people of all ages to live in the joy of the Resurrection. Joyfully Aging is a celebration of the gifts of aging and of the importance of the Christian family, delivered with the stories and unique humor for which Rich is known and loved. Readers will come away reminded of who they are, whose they are, and the endless possibilities for lives of service and relevance made possible by God’s grace. Thanks, Rich!"
Rick Herman
President of Wheat Ridge Ministries
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