I Believe: A Student Devotional Journal

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The pages of I Believe contain faith stories: funny, tragic, and very ordinary. In all, we see our Heavenly Father at work.


The pages of I Believe contain faith stories. Some are funny, some are tragic, and some are very ordinary. But in every story, you see how our Heavenly Father works through the power of the Holy Spirit to bring us each to saving faith in Christ. 

This devotional was designed to work differently from most devotional resources. In addition to sharing the faith from each of the authors, we wanted to provide opportunities for you to begin writing your story. Once you've read each devotional story, begin sharing your story as you record your thoughts and reflections. This allows I Believe to go beyond just a bunch of words on a page to something you interact with because it becomes your own story.

Each story reflects on the author's faith narrative using a phrase form the Apostles' Creed. Also included are quotes from the Bible and writings of scholars who have shared their wisdom and insights with the Church throughout the years. 

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