How to Respond to The New Age Movement - 3rd edition

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Expand your knowledge of the Gospel to be a more effective witness to the people in the New Age Movement.
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Those who follow the “pied piping” of the New Age philosophy must be confronted with the Gospel of the God who loves them enough to die for them in Jesus Christ.

What is the New Age Movement?  This book gives insightful answers to many questions regarding this movement and the practices associated with it.  You will learn how to identify New Age beliefs when you are confronted with them.

Be informed and respond.

Topics include:
  • the six broad principles that form the roots of the New Age Movement
  • New Age claims compared with Scripture
  • reasons for the popularity of the New Age Movement today
  • how to confidently share your faith with those involved in the New Age Movement

Most important, this easy-to-follow book gives you practical advice for sharing the Gospel with people involved in the New Age Movement.  As you begin to understand their beliefs, you will be able to more effectively show them their need for Christ.

This insightful series equips Christians with detailed information on contemporary non-Christian religious movements.  Each book compares the teachings of these movements with Scripture and shows how to respond with the Gospel.

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