How to Respond to The Cults - 3rd edition

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What is a cult and why do people get involved in these groups?  Find the answers to your questions in this book.
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The cults’ perversions of the timeless truths of God challenge the Church to be faithful in presenting its message to the world more clearly and aggressively.

Chances are you know someone in a cult.  Today millions of people are involved in some kind of cult activity.  What exactly is a cult?  Why do people get involved in these groups?  This book gives you the answers to these questions and more.

Be informed and respond.

Topics include:
  • characteristics of cults and their leaders
  • reasons for cult members’ commitment
  • the difference between cults and the Christian Church
  • how to confidentially share your faith with cult members

Most important, this book shows how you can share the Gospel—with gentleness and respect—when you are confronted by a cult member.

This insightful series equips Christians with detailed information on contemporary non-Christian religious movements.  Each book compares the teachings of these movements with Scripture and shows how to respond with the Gospel.

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