Hero of Faith - Rosa Young

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Rosa Young overcame hardship and struggle, and pioneered Lutheran Christian education in Alabama.
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Rosa Young’s story is that of joy and hardship. Born to former slaves, Rosa Young (1890 – 1971) knew firsthand the struggles of civil rights. As an African American woman, few things seemed easy. Yet Rosa knew that Jesus understood her struggles, for He had known persecution and poverty too.

Jesus had given her important work to do for Him, and she set about finding a way to do it. In the poorest, rural regions of the American South, Rosa Young dedicated her life to teaching the Good News of Jesus. Many schools, congregations, and eventually a college were begun through the tireless efforts of this spiritual giant.

Young readers will enjoy learning more about Rosa’s life, her work, and her passion for education. She truly was a pioneer missionary who initiated Lutheran Christian Education in Alabama.
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