Hero of Faith Biography Set (8 books)

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These historical biographies share the life of eight Lutheran historical figures...
They were unlikely heroes.  A penniless orphan becomes a brilliant musician.  A young woman runs away from a convent and marries a man she barely knew.  A daughter of former slaves champions Lutheran education in the segregated south.  That's what makes these stories a must-read for children.
Each book in the series shows how God worked in the lives of these ordinary people to do extraordinary things.  Each book includes colorful illustration and historical detail.
Biographies included in the set are:
Johann Sebastian Bach
Dorothea Craemer
Martin Luther
Heinrich Melchior Muhlenberg
Dr. Bessie Rehwinkel
Katharina Von Bora
C.F.W. Walther
Rosa Young
Hero of Faith - Katharina Von Bora (1)
Hero of Faith - C.F.W. Walther (1)
Hero of Faith - Johann Sebastian Bach (1)
Hero of Faith - Rosa Young (1)
Hero of Faith - Martin Luther (1)
Hero of Faith - Heinrich Melchior Muhlenberg (1)
Hero of Faith - Dorothea Craemer (1)
Hero of Faith - Dr. Bessie Rehwinkel (1)
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