Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther

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This biography of Martin Luther paints a vivid portrait of the reformer, a man of unshakable faith in God who helped bring about the Protestant Reformation.
About the Book
The Reformation of the sixteenth century was a vast and complicated movement. It involved kings and peasants, cardinals and country priests, monks and merchants. It spread from one end of Europe to the other and manifested itself in widely differing forms. Yet in spite of its diverse and complex character, to begin to understand the Reformation you need to know only one name: Martin Luther.

Since it first was published more than 50 years ago, Roland H. Bainton's Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther has sold millions of copies. It remains the definitive introduction to the great Reformer and is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand this towering historical figure.


"The most readable Luther biography in English."
—Time magazine

"A sound and well-rounded picture of the man and his role in history."
—Chicago Tribune

About the Author
Roland H. Bainton (1894-1984) was born in England and came to the United States in 1902. A recipient of many degrees, Dr. Bainton was a specialist in Reformation history. His other books include The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century, The Travail of Religious Liberty, The Age of the Reformation, and Christian Attitudes Toward War and Peace.

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