H2Oh! God Keeps His Promises - Level A Teacher Guide

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Explorers will discover God's love for His people in 14 Old and New Testament stories.
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Teacher materials provide lesson plans for 14 topical Bible stories. Level A is designed for students who are non-readers (recommended for Preschool and Grade 1). Level B is for children who are independent readers (recommended for Grades 2–6)

About H2Oh! God Keeps His Promises
Dive into these Bible stories to discover the promises God made to His people in the Bible and to us! Young explorers will jump into the Bible to learn more about Noah, Moses, Elijah, Jonah, Naaman, Lydia, Paul and others as they discover how God has poured out His love for His people in these fourteen Old and New Testament stories:
  • H2Oh! Everywhere (Noah)
  • Walking through H2Oh! (Crossing the Red Sea)
  • Miraculous H2Oh! (Water from the Rock)
  • H2Oh! Survival (Elijah at the Brook Cherith)
  • Fire and H2Oh! (Elijah and the Prophets of Baal)
  • Cleansing H2Oh! (Naaman Healed)
  • H2Oh! Ride (Jonah)
  • Revealing H2Oh! (John the Baptist)
  • Changing H2Oh! (Wedding at Cana)
  • H2Oh! Safety (Built on the Rock)
  • Servant H2Oh! (Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet)
  • Meeting at the H2Oh! (Lydia is Baptized)
  • H2Oh! Rescue (Paul’s Shipwreck)
  • Living H2Oh! (The River of Life)
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