Great Women of the Bible: lV

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A four-session, small-group Bible study series in which participants study the lives of the most familiar women in God's Word. ...
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Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mary and Martha, Lydia, Lois and Eunice.

These are only a few of the women mentioned in God's Word. In its pages we learn of their weaknesses and their strengths, their trials and their triumphs. Above all, we see God in His abundant grace forgiving, sustaining, and inspiring His beloved daughters for service in His name.

In this four-session, small-group Bible study series, participants will look at the lives of only the most familiar women in God's Word. From Eve, the first woman, to those women who helped Jesus' apostles, participants will see God's grace in action as He calls and leads these women in their daily lives. Through their God-given faith and their faith-filled deeds, you will be inspired by these great women of the Bible.

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