God's Old Testament People Teachers Guide Lutheran High School Religion Series

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Help students understand God's covenant relationship with His people throughout the Old Testament.
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About the Volume
This semester course studies God's covenant relationship with His people from creation to before Christ's birth. It helps students better understand their own covenant relationship with God. Teaching plans for 90 sessions.
The materials are presented in thirteen units:
Unit 1: Getting Started
Unit 2: Beginnings
Unit 3: God's Covenant with Abraham
Unit 4: The Covenant Family Multiplies
Unit 5: The Covenant Nation is Nursed and Nurtured
Unit 6: The Covenant Nation Begins to Function
Unit 7: The Period of the Judges
Unit 8: The Monarchy - A United Kingdom
Unit 9: Worship in the Old Testament
Unit 10: A People Divided
Unit 11: The Kins and Prophets of Judah
Unit 12: Overview of the Prophets
Unit 13: The Exile and Return 
Resources needed in addition to the Student Book: a Bible, and access to reference materials such as Bible commentaries, dictionaries, concordances, and maps.
About the High School Curriculum Series
These compelling Bible studies offer a complete curriculum for high school religion class or high school youth Bible study. The curriculum covers four years and includes Bible history and life-related applications of basic Bible doctrines. The curriculum includes one semester course and two quarter courses for each grade. The courses do not need to be completed in straight 45 or 90 sessions. The materials can be broken into smaller 5- or 10-session courses for church youth group or Bible study settings.
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Section of BibleOld Testament
GradeHigh School
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