Fundamental Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic, Second Edition

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A classic introductory textbook and reference for Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic.

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Fundamental Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic, Second Edition is a textbook and Biblical study resource for university and seminary students, pastors, and Bible scholars that provides a clear and concise introduction to the study of biblical Hebrew, the primary language of the Old Testament, and Aramaic, the language that Christ spoke in His daily interactions.

Each chapter presents vocabulary, morphology, and syntax in a logical progression. Additional resources include translation and reading exercises, paradigm charts, and glossaries.

This second edition clarifies and expands explanations and exercises, and expands the presentation of the Hebrew stems. This edition also includes a new appendix that offers a more thorough explanation of the semantics of the Hebrew stem system.

The fundamental biblical Hebrew is organized in a manner that facilitates learning and serves as an easy-to-use reference tool, including vocabulary, morphology, and syntax. While it serves as a basic Hebrew textbook and grammar for the purpose of theological study, it is useful for college, university, and seminary courses, as well as a desk reference for pastors engaged in the study of the Bible in its original language.

The Hebrew section also includes translation and reading exercises, a full set of verb paradigm charts (regular and irregular), and a Hebrew-to-English glossary.

The fundamental biblical Aramaic section follows the Hebrew text. While it is not designed to introduce other Aramaic dialects, such as Old Aramaic, Jewish Palestinian Aramaic, Palmyrene, or Nabatean, it is written so that the advanced student who wishes to pursue further study by exploring ancient Aramaic dialects may do so. To that end, from time to time, reference is made to the historical developments in ancient Aramaic. 

This grammar concentrates on biblical Aramaic, primarily emphasizing the grammatical features the student needs to understand in order to read. Its structure allows the student to finish the grammar and to progress on to reading the actual Biblical texts in a typical semester. All the exercises, with the exception of the beginning ones, are drawn from the Bible, exposing the student to actual biblical Aramaic while learning the grammar.

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AuthorsAndrew E Steinmann; Andrew H Bartelt
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