Flowing from the Cross: Six Facets of God’s Forgiveness

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God's forgiveness has many facets. Explore six facets of forgiveness and imagery to remember them.
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Forgiveness is the one gift we absolutely need from God. Through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we know we can now come into God’s presence and, covered by forgiveness, walk in His peace. We wouldn't be anywhere near God without forgiveness.

In Flowing from the Cross use the six faces of a cube and images drawn from the Bible to explore and remember facets of God's forgiveness. With hymn connections, discussion questions, and relatable commentary, this book will dive deeper into the complexity of the forgiveness that flows to us from the cross.

About the Author

Daniel E. Paavola is a professor and pastor with the gifts of storytelling, motorcycle riding, and Model-T restoring. He is a professor of theology at Concordia University Wisconsin and served twelve years as pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church in the town of Butternut, Wisconsin.

Praise for Flowing from the Cross

"Dr. Paavola is upbeat, not ending on the troubles of sin but lifting us to the practical benefits of constant focus on God’s forgiveness through Jesus. Flowing from the Cross presents foundational truths through an abundance of common, daily images to which we can all easily relate. Arranged conveniently for small-group use, this Christ-centered book can also be helpful to pastors looking for memorable ways to illustrate the many facets of forgiveness in
their sermons and classes."
-Rev. Dr. Dale A. Meyer, president emeritus, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

"As a communicator, I’m always looking for new ways to convey the unchanging truths of the faith. Dr. Paavola lives in this space of transforming normal, ordinary objects and experiences into eloquent gateways that invite us further into God’s kingdom, making the foundational truth of forgiveness an exciting adventure to discover anew and explore with delight. In Flowing from the Cross, Paavola engages the senses of sight, touch, and sound as ways to
embody the forgiveness offered to us in Christ on the cross. And along the way, I learned new stain-removal tips and the need to buy bigger speakers! As always, thank you, Dr. Paavola."
-Amy Bird, MAR, writer for Lutheran Life

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