Faith in the Shadow of a Pandemic

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Faith in the Shadow of a Pandemic aims to provide comfort, hope, and guidance for church members experiencing the massive upheavals created by huge disasters without the ability to come together around Word and Sacrament in church.
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This 2019 novel coronavirus has brought forth many new things for the church: things that previously the Christian community never had to consider. From how to administer the Lord’s Supper during a time of social distancing, to wearing masks, and how one should deal with death, these are all topics having new light shed on them.

John Pless and Jacob Corzine work together to give clarity through Luther’s teachings, Psalms, Scripture, and personal experience to bring a well-rounded explanation concerning the Church and COVID-19. Written for all to read, consider, and understand, this book will remind you that God is with you always, even when sin tries to disorient us all. Faith in the Shadow of a Pandemic will reassure individual church members who suddenly find themselves in harrowing times without access to worship in their local congregation.



“In our lifetime, we have never experienced a disaster with effects as widespread as the COVID-19 pandemic. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 certainly caused upheaval, but they didn’t force people to shelter at home or cause churches to stop meeting. As we slowly work back to our normal lives—or a new normal—we must recognize this will not be the last major disaster we will ever have to face. . .

This book aims to provide comfort, hope, and guidance for church members experiencing the massive upheavals created by huge disasters. . . without the ability to come together around Word and Sacrament in church.”

-Dr. Jan Bygstad, The Evangelical Church of Norway (DELK)


“No theory is ever complete unless it takes into account what it means for practical life and action. This book does just that. It demonstrates what a theologian of the cross does—by naming the tragedies as they are while naming the corresponding remedies. The reflections here are not devoid of the substance of the gospel message. They exhibit an interface between theology and piety; doctrine and life; academia and church life. Readers would find themselves impelled by the gospel that they rest solely in God despite contrary appearances.”

-Dennis Ngien, Alister E. McGrath Chair of Christian Thought & Spirituality, Tyndale University, Toronto Canada.


“Every generation experiences disease, death, and evil in ways they think are new. However, there is no novel condition resulting from COVID-19. It exposes the same diols and the same sins practiced by souls of every era. Corzine and Pless illustrate many opportunities this pandemic provides to repent, reflect, on God’s Word and faithfulness, find joy in God’s mercy, and serve our neighbor in love. They write in a pastoral voice, applying the Gospel with tender care for us who are burdened and anxious from the enormity and uncertainty of these times.

-Deaconess Kristin Wassilak, Interim Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Deaconess Programs, Concordia University Chicago.


“The COVID pandemic not only reminds us that we live in a world under judgment, waiting the coming of the Lord, it also calls us to live as faithful witnesses to the Lord for whom we wait. Corzine and Pless offer us a series of reflections that will strengthen many in this calling with true Christian comfort and sound counsel.”

-Dr. Mark A. Seifrid, Professor of Exegetical Theology, Concordia Seminary.


“Jacob Corzine and John Pless continue to serve, support, and encourage both pastors and laity with their most recent contribution to the life of God's people, Faith in the Shadow of a Pandemic. Although written specifically for laity, pastors and deaconesses will also benefit from their little book, receiving the comforting perspective and biblically oriented courage of that which is certain amid uncertain times. Trusting that Christ is for you, where He has always promised to be in His Word and Sacaments, Christians are freed to live in loving service toward the neighbor both faithfully and responsibly.”

-Pastor Peter J. Brock, St. John Lutheran Church, Bingen.


“John Pless and Jacob Corzine have thoughtfully written a timely book grounded upon the timeless truths of the Christian faith. As a pastor, I have wrestled with many of the topics addressed in this book and have struggled with how to faithfully address and navigate through our current pandemic crisis. This book has provided clarity and encouragement for all of us who long to live these days in faith toward God and in love toward our neighbor. Although living in the shadow of this current pandemic crisis may be unique, living the Christian life under the shadow of Christ's cross is not; this book gives light to do both, for this I am grateful.”

-Pastor Darrin Sheek, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Anaheim, CA.

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