Explore Level 1 (Gr 1-3) Teacher Leaflet (OT2)

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the Explore Teacher leaflet provides an easy-to-use five step lesson plan to help guide discussions and learning for kids in grades 1–3.
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The Explore Level 1 Teacher Leaflet, for grades 1–3, provides a complete lesson plan for each week, including a Preparing the Lesson Bible commentary for the teacher.

Each lesson has a five-part lesson plan that helps guide discussion and learning:

  • Start the lesson with an opening activity to set the stage for Bible learning
  • Read the Bible story
  • Look at Bible illustrations or act out Bible stories
  • Find the story in the Bible and answer questions
  • Share the Bible story through life-application activities

One copy of the Explore Level 1 Teacher Leaflet is included in each quarter’s Cross Explorations Sunday School Kit. Additional copies may be purchased as needed.

The thirteen Old Testament Bible stories covered in the God Protects His People in Egypt and the Exodus quarter are:

Joseph and His Brothers
Joseph’s Troubles
Joseph Feeds Egypt
Joseph Forgives
The Birth of Moses
Moses and the Burning Bush
Moses and the Plagues
The Passover
Crossing the Red Sea
God Provides Manna, Water, and Quail
The Ten Commandments
Worship in the Tabernacle
The Bronze Serpent

About Cross Explorations
Cross Explorations is a large group/small group Sunday School program for grades 1–6 that takes kids through the Bible in three years. This mixed-style Bible learning experience—similar to a site-rotation program—is perfect for teaching kids and their parent the same Bible story in age-appropriate ways so family can grow in faith together.

Cross Explorations provides more material than a typical Sunday School can use in a one-hour time slot.  The flexible format lets you pick and choose what works best for your Sunday School volunteers and kids.

Cross Explorations can also be used as a midweek or family program.

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