Evening & Morning: Music of Lutheran Daily Prayer CD

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Listen to beautiful recordings of the Concordia Seminary Kantorei from prayer services.

Who is this product for?
A perfect complement for those who use Treasury of Daily Prayer in their personal time of worship. Or for those who desire to connect their personal devotion time to the Church’s pattern of prayer will find this to be a rich and meaningful resource.

What does this provide for you?
• An inspirational time of worship during your daily devotion time.
• The sounds of Treasury of Daily Prayer brought to life through music.
• It’s all on CD—so you can enjoy these musical gems while traveling.

What is it?
A beautiful set of recordings of the sung and spoken portions of the prayer services offered in Treasury of Daily Prayer. Performed by the Kantorei of Concordia Theological Seminary.

Included are:
• Matins (8 tracks)
• Vespers (6 tracks)
• Morning Prayers (7 tracks)
• Evening Prayers (8 tracks)
• Compline (6 tracks)
• Litany

Matins te Deum (sample audio).

The Kantorei is a choir of sixteen male voices from the student body of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana. The recordings have been prepared to allow an individual, family, or even a small group to have the support to confidently sing the liturgy of the prayer services.

Choir: The Seminary Kantorei of Concordia Theological Seminary

Director: Richard C. Resch

Organist: Paul J. Grime

Officiant (spoken): Charles Brown

Officiant (sung): Dallas Dubke Jr. 

The individual tracks include the following:

01 Matins Sentences
02 Matins Venite
03 Matins Responsory
04 Matins Te Deum
05 Matins Benedictus
06 Matins Kyrie/Our Father
07 Matins Collect
08 Matins Benedictus & Benediction
09 Vespers Sentences
10 Vespers Responsory
11 Vespers Magnificat
12 Vespers Kyrie/Our Father
13 Vespers Collect
14 Vespers Benedictus & Benediction
15 Morning Prayer Sentences
16 Morning Prayer Venite
17 Morning Prayer In Many Ways
18 Morning Prayer Benedictus
19 Morning Prayer Collect
20 Morning Prayer Our Father
21 Morning Prayer Benedictus & Benediction
22 Evening Prayer Service of Light
23 Evening Prayer Psalm 141
24 Evening Prayer In Many Ways
25 Evening Prayer Magnificat
26 Evening Prayer Litany
27 Evening Prayer Collect
28 Evening Prayer Our Father
29 Evening Prayer Benedictus & Benediction
30 Compline Opening Sentences
31 Compline Confession
32 Compline Lessons
33 Compline Responsory
34 Compline Prayer
35 Compline Prayers
36 Compline Our Father
37 Compline Nunc Dimittis
38 Compline Benediction
39 Litany

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