Emotions & the Gospel: Created for Connection

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Emotions may be complex, but God is complex. Let's talk about your emotions together. 
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Emotions are complex. There are so many of them that you experience each and every day. Happy, or seemingly positive ones, are markers of strong faith in Christ. Yet, the negative feelings, such a grief or anger, are harder to fit into your faith. What if you rethought how you looked at emotions and started seeing them as gifts from God, given to you to connect with Him? 

Join licensed social worker and author Heidi Goehmann on a journey through the complexities of your emotions to celebrate this gift from God. You'll use Scripture to see how God handles His people's emotions and shows you that they are not something to be shamed. 

Emotions may be complex, but God is complex. Let's talk about your emotions together. 

What's Inside?

  • Discussion Questions
  • Index of Emotions Found in Scripture
  • Biblical Examples and Insight

Praise for Emotions & the Gospel

"I love this book! Heidi builds masterful bridges between the current research on emotion and the beauty of Scripture. Her books are known for being intensely practical and intensely theological, and Emotions and the Gospel is exactly that! I am excited to read this book together with my college students. This is a must read for any leader striving to build emotionally healthy disciples."

—Megan Barone, director of campus discipleship and outreach, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Kearney, Nebraska

"God did not create us in His image to be repressed zombies or exuberant phonies. Heidi Goehmann refreshingly validates human emotions as a good gift of God, neither to be repressed nor faked, but to be received gratefully as necessary tools for authentic interactions in a fallen world. In so doing, she not only teaches us about ourselves but also about God, who created us to be like Him."

—Rev. Dr. Nathan Jastram, professor of theology, Concordia University Wisconsin

About the Author

Heidi Goehmann is a licensed social worker and mental health care provider, theologian, writer, and advocate. She received her bachelor’s degree in theology and psychology from Concordia University Chicago and her master’s degree in social work from the University of Toledo, with an emphasis on children, families, and social justice. Heidi can always be found at heidigoehmann.com, which provides resources and advocacy for mental health, genuine relationship, and hope for each day. She lives in Michigan with her husband, four kids, and 1.5 dogs on the shores of Lake Michigan.


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