Elementary Student Explore Bible Guidebook - Unit 5 - Enduring Faith Bible Curriculum

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The Student guidebook helps students actively learn the lessons in the Enduring Faith Bible Curriculum. Grades 1–6.
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Unit 5 is the second unit in year 2.

Learn more about the Enduring Faith Bible Curriculum’s Scope & Sequence.

In Enduring Faith Bible Curriculum: Elementary, students learn the context of each Bible passage and how it fits into the story of God’s salvation. They learn how to identify God’s law and forgiveness to see how each account points to Jesus.

Student guidebook helps students actively learn the teachings. Best for students in grades 1–6.

Buy one Student Guide per student. Buy one Leader Guide per class.

About the Unit

In Unit 5, "God Leads His Nation," continue your Old Testament exploration with key points in the history of Israel. Keep your eyes on Christ connections as you walk through the following Bible passages:

The Golden Calf - Exodus 31:18-32:35
God With His People - Exodus 25:1-19, 40:1-8, 34-38
The Twelve Spies - Numbers 13:1-2, 25-14:24
Rahab Believes - Joshua 2
The Fall of Jericho - Joshua 5:13-6:27
Deborah - Judges 4
Samson - Judges 15:4-31
Ruth - Ruth 1:1–2:13; 4:13–17
Saul Becomes King - 1 Samuel 8:4–9:2; 10:17–27; 11:12–15
David and Goliath - 1 Samuel 17:2–11, 33–51
David and Jonathan - 1 Samuel 18:1–9; 20:18–42
David Worships God - 2 Samuel 7:18–29; Psalm 24
Solomon Prays for Wisdom - 1 Kings 3:5–15; Proverbs 3:1–12
Solomon Builds the Temple - 1 Kings 6:11–38; 11:1–11

About the Enduring Faith Bible Curriculum Series

Enduring Faith Bible Curriculum can be used during Sunday School, midweek programs, small groups, and homeschool—any time, any day your congregation meets weekly. With several age levels, the curriculum supports your church’s members at whatever stage of life they are in to sustain faith that endures for a lifetime.

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