Educational Resource Manual - Digital Edition

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This is the digital version of Lutherans For Life's comprehensive three-ring binder (LFL1607) on life issues organized for easy reference.

The Educational Resource Manual – Digital Edition features PDFs of many of Lutherans For Life’s Bible studies, booklets, brochures, Life Sunday resources, LifeDate journals, and more. Also included are several life issue video files and the classic Teaching For Life curricula.

This USB drive is a great resource for any pastor, DCE, deaconess, principal, teacher, or layperson. The latest edition features two USB connectors on the one flash drive. One end features the standard USB connector that you can use on laptops and PCs. The other end is a choice of either a USB-C or Micro-USB connector, suitable for use with portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras. The protective cap is tethered to the body of the flash drive to prevent loss.

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