Daily Devotions - 75 Years of Portals of Prayer

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Daily Devotions features 365 daily devotions from 75 years of Portals of Prayer. Scheduled to be available for order on October 26, 2011.
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For 75 years, Portals of Prayer has provided God’s Word as a source of assurance, comfort and strength. Over the years these portable devotion booklets have been found at the dinner table, in purses, in doctors' waiting rooms, in nursing homes, and in military rucksacks around the world.
In honor of Portals of Prayer's 75th anniversary, Daily Devotions presents memorable and timeless devotions straight from every issue of Portals of Prayer.  Many appear on the same day of the year as they originally appeared; some will even make note of the historical event that happened on the original date the devotion was published.
Despite the span of years, the variety of authors, and the topics written about, one thing above all connects the devotions together: the Gospel of God’s love and mercy in Christ Jesus is proclaimed. 
Daily Devotions is perfect for both the Portals of Prayer lover and the customer who is simply looking for a year-long daily devotional. This high-quality hardback book features a ribbon marker and makes for the perfect gift.
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