Cristo, mi Salvador (What Jesus Means to Me) (ebook Edition)

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Este libro de bajo costo es una herramienta muy útil para llevar al lector a un entendimiento más profundo de las glorias de la fe cristiana al traer a Jesucristo a su vida. Es ideal para hacer evangelismo.

Contenido incluye: vida, perdón, paz, poder, provisión, compañerismo, esperanza, verdad, garantía, alegría, cielo

Sólo disponible en español.

The thoughts in this little volume are the glorious convictions of millions of Christians. If you do not know Jesus Christ as the Son of God, your Savior, and your Friend, nothing is more important for you than reading this book.

This low cost book is a great outreach tool since its pages will lead the reader to a deeper understanding of the glories of the Christian faith introducing Jesus Christ to their life. It is ideal for outreach.

Contents include: life, pardon, peace, power, provision, companionship, hope, truth, assurance, joy, heaven

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