Concordia Curriculum Guide - Grade 1 Health (ebook Edition)

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These volumes do not provide a curriculum plan or lesson plan for any particular period or day. Instead, they provide a wealth of ideas from which you can choose and a springboard to new ideas you may create. You may use this curriculum guide with any textbook series.

The Health volume lays the foundation for a holistic Christian approach to health and wellness. It contains chapters focused on:

• Health Education in the Christian School
• Teaching and Learning about Personal Health from a Christian Perspective
• National Health Standards: The Background for Health Education Programs in Christian Education
• Health Curriculum Standards for Students in Grade 1
• Information and Activities for Integrating the Faith as Keyed to Grade 1 Standards
• Topics in Health Education for the Lutheran Educators

The Concordia Curriculum Guide enables educators to integrate the Christian faith into every subject through grade specific faith-connecting activities that are based on state and national standards for each subject area.

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