Commentary on Romans

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A clear, concise commentary on Romans by Melanchthon.
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A clear, concise commentary on Romans by Melanchthon and translated into English. Written during the confessional struggles of the Reformation, the book focuses on Roman's Gospel content and comfort.
Among the most significant contributions Melanchthon made to the life of the church were his biblical commentaries. This volume from Melanchthon's hand offered a model for the proclamation of the Gospel and a vital help for understanding the whole body of biblical teaching to Wittenberg students in the sixteenth century. It continues to be of value to preachers and other students of Scripture today.
From the foreword by Robert Kolb, PhD
Missions Professor of Systematic Theology, Emeritus
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO
The year 2010 is a Melanchthon Year as the 450th anniversary of his death in April 1560 is being commemorated. Fittingly, one of his most famous works is reissued in English, translated from Latin by Fred Kramer: the Commentary on Romans of 1540. Martin Luther had left the lectures on the New Testament primarily to his younger colleague Melanchthon, the lay theologian and Grecian. As a result we have this commentary by the "theological secretary" of the Wittenberg theology: it is a significant milestone in the history of Bible interpretation. It is a classic work of humanist Scripture interpretation. 
Franz Posset, PhD, associate editor of Luther Digest   
It is rare when a student outshines his teacher, especially when the teacher is Martin Luther. However, the final form of Philip Melanchthon's lecture notes on Romans may well outdo Luther's Romans lecture notes of 1515/1516. Melanchthon's rhetorical and dialectical approach clearly distinguishes Law and Gospel, articulating the latter with great clarity. His extensive review of the Church Fathers on the authority of Scripture is an extraordinary bonus!
Michael Middendorf, PhD, Professor of Theology
Concordia University, Irvine, CA
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