Commentary on Luther's Catechisms (Set of 5)

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Peters's commentary places the catechisms in the larger context of Luther's writings and within the history of Christian teaching and theology.

About the Set
Long the gold standard of research on Luther’s catechetical writings, this translation of Albrecht Peters’s Commentary on Luther’s Catechisms places the catechisms in the larger context of the reformer’s writings and within the history of Christian teaching and theology. While Luther has been accused of being simplistic, Peters points out that the catechism was fashioned as a starting point for teaching the faith. He notes that in Luther’s other sermons and writings, Luther fleshes out the complexities of the Christian faith and what that means for salvation.

Readers will be captivated by how much there is and how their own understanding and perceptions will grow. Recommended especially for pastors and teachers who want deeper background for teaching young people, these volumes will enrich the teaching of adults, whether in instruction classes or for continued faith growth.

Volumes included in the set:

About the Author
Albrecht Peters (1924–1987) was a German Lutheran theologian and professor of systematic theology at the University of Heidelberg. His main area of research was the theology of Martin Luther. He was also an energetic participant in the Michaelsbruderschaft, an association of German Protestants committed to devotion and liturgical renewal.

“This definitive and comprehensive study of Luther’s catechetical writings places Luther’s catechisms in the full context of his broader theology and writings, as well as within the history of Christian catechesis and theology. It is an essential handbook for students of Luther and the Reformation and a valuable resource for those entrusted today with the ministry of catechesis according to these most durable products of Luther’s pastoral heart and pen.”
—Christopher Boyd Brown, Professor of Church History, Boston University

“One of the most insightful interpreters of Luther and the theological tradition of the Lutheran Church in the latter half of the twentieth century, Peters places Luther’s texts before readers in the context of the reformer’s own time and of the catechetical tradition that he inherited, put to use, and transformed. Accessible to a broad audience, this volume will significantly enrich the teaching of all who use it to deepen their understanding of two of the most precious gems from Luther’s pen: the Small and Large Catechism.”
—Robert Kolb, Missions Professor of Systematic Theology and Director of the Institute for Mission Studies, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri

Commentary on Luther's Catechisms, Ten Commandments (1)
Commentary on Luther’s Catechisms, Creed (1)
Commentary on Luther's Catechisms, Lord's Prayer (1)
Commentary on Luther’s Catechisms, Baptism and Lord’s Supper (1)
Commentary on Luther’s Catechisms: Confession and Christian Life (1)
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