Christ Have Mercy: How to Put Your Faith in Action (ebook Edition)

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Learn about "Christ-style" mercy and what mercy looks like as it's played out in the Church and in the world.

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Mercy—the mercy of Christ to and for us—and our demonstration of that mercy to those within and outside the Body of Christ is the key to the future of the Church, to mission and stewardship, to living our Christian lives together in love and forgiveness, to moving boldly and confidently into the future with courage in the Gospel.—from the Preface

For two millennia Christians have echoed the pleas of blind men and beggars, "Christ, have mercy!" These words are part of the historic liturgy (the Kyrie) and have been sighed on deathbeds and in sick rooms and after natural and man-made disasters. But what does it mean to ask our Lord and Savior for mercy? and what about Christ's command to be merciful, even as God has been merciful to us?

Through Scripture study, real-life experiences, and the writings of Lutheran Church Fathers, Christ Have Mercy urges Christians to consider the innumerable opportunities we have to show mercy—to fellow Christians and to anyone God places in our path.

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