Callings for Life: God's Plan, Your Purpose

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Learn about all of your callings in life, even the ones you had never seen before. Each chapter includes discussion questions to guide you through your understanding of how God is calling you.
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What is God calling me to do? What is the one thing I was born to do? Am I truly doing what I am called to do?

The truth is, there is not one thing that you're meant to do. There are multiple. God calls you in numerous ways in His plan for your life. For all ages though, understanding your callings is difficult. From recent graduates to adults in established careers, comprehending god's plan for your life can be daunting. Thankfully, by broadening your scope and seeing the multiple places that God is calling you, it will become easier for you to follow where God is leading. 

Work through five chapters with Jeffrey Leininger about all the callings in your life, even the ones you might not have noticed before. Use prayers, Bible verses, and teachings from important Lutheran figures to ground yourself in Christ’s teachings and the theology surrounding how God calls you. Then, use discussion questions at the end of each chapter to reflect on your current callings and new ones that God has been wanting you to see all along.

What People Are Saying 

"The journey of life is far from a clear path along a clean pathway. That’s why we need the Holy Spirit and God-sent guides. For decades, Jeff Leininger has been engaging young adults with an empathic ear. There’s something we all can learn from his learnings. Fastened to his stout academic credentials, this useful volume provides us with practical wisdom and spiritual winsomeness. Leininger presents examples from Rosa Young to Martin Luther, from Dietrich Bonhoeffer to Gudina Tumsa, making plain that the Light of the World works His saving plan within the everyday purposes of all of us."

-Rev. Dr. John A. Nunes, President, Concordia College New York

"This book is a wonderful, accessible exposition of Luther’s doctrine of vocation, and it deserves a place in every college, congregation, and home library. Although it is written for college students, I believe every Christian would benefit from reading this encouraging and thought-provoking text. The narrative examples are particularly helpful, and the discussion questions make this suitable for group Bible study as well as a classroom setting. All Christians struggle at some point with the big question of how to discern God’s will for their lives. This book firmly reminds us that God is in control and it is He who gifts us with our callings in all aspects of our daily life."

-Deaconess Dr. Cynthia Lumley, Westfield House of Theological Studies, Cambridge

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Leininger has served as Concordia Univeristy Chicago's univeristy pastor since 2002. In that role, he conducts daily chapel, oversees spritiual life activities, and guides pastoral care and counseling for students, faculty, and staff. He also directs the pre-seminary program and supports Concordia's church relations office. Leininger has a PhD and MPhil from Cambridge University. He lives in Maywood, Illinois, with his wife, Rachel, and their children, Grace and Andrew.

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