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Transform your church into a visibly beautiful place with Concordia Publishing House’s church décor and artwork. Featuring flags, posters, crucifixes, paintings, and much more.

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Bronze Processional Crucifix
Price: $1,625.00 
Bronze Processional Crucifix
Item #: 900606
Bronze Processional Crucifix...
Oak Processional Cross with Corpus
Price: $1,555.00 
Oak Processional Cross with Corpus
Item #: 903090
Finely crafted 22" oak cross with beautifully carved 13" corpus.
Satin Brass Processional Crucifix
Price: $1,325.00 
Satin Brass Processional Crucifix
Item #: 901001
Beautiful processional crucifix made of oxidized silver and satin brass.
Abraham & Isaac (Gauthier) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Abraham & Isaac (Gauthier)
Item #: 901297M
In this quality framed print, Abraham's face humbly shows the anguish of choosing to honor God by sacrificing his son, Isaac, as God has asked him to do.
Adam & Eve (Papp) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Adam & Eve (Papp)
Item #: 901291M
The lush greenery, vivid colors, charming animals, and graceful depictions of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden invite you to enjoy the goodness of God's new world.
Annunciation (Bladholm) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Annunciation (Bladholm)
Item #: 901301M
This print depicts the angel Gabriel announcing to Mary, a virgin girl, that she is to give birth to the Son of God, and Mary humbly accepting her role in God's plan.
Ascension (Papp) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Ascension (Papp)
Item #: 901329M
This print depicting Jesus' ascension reminds us that, not only has Jesus gone away to prepare a place for us in heaven, but that he will return to bring us there.
Baptism of Christ (Copeland) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Baptism of Christ (Copeland)
Item #: 901347M
This artist depicts astonished men and women surrounding Jesus and John on the banks of the Jordan river as the Holy Spirit descends from heaven at Jesus's baptism.
Baptism of Jesus (Hunt) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Baptism of Jesus (Hunt)
Item #: 901307M
This inspirational print of Jesus' baptism by John in the Jordan River helps teachers of children and adults share the persons and importance of the Trinity.
Beatitudes (Copeland) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Beatitudes (Copeland)
Item #: 901315M
With vivid color and fine detail, this print places you at the feet of Jesus as he preaches the Beatitudes during his Sermon on the Mount. (Matthew 5:3-12)
Behold, I Bring You Good Tidings (duBois) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Behold, I Bring You Good Tidings (duBois)
Item #: 901365M
We are pleased to bring you this beautiful "Behold, I Bring You Good Things" framed print of the highest quality from Tom duBois' "First Christmas" collection.
Birth of Jesus (Bladholm) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Birth of Jesus (Bladholm)
Item #: 901303M
This enchanting art print shares the story of that blessed first Christmas from Joseph's perspective. As Mary sleeps, Joseph holds the newborn Christ child in his arms.
Blessed Is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Blessed Is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord
Item #: 901395M
Hosanna in the highest! The crowds gather around Jesus as he enters Jerusalem on a donkey, cheering and worshiping the Son of God come to save them.
Covenant (Gauthier) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Covenant (Gauthier)
Item #: 901293M
This quality print, which depicts Abraham looking up to count the stars of the sky, is a blessing to all who view it and are reminded that God keeps His promises.
Cranach's Altar Painting more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Cranach's Altar Painting
Item #: 901407M
This framed print features the altar painting in St. Peter & Paul Church in Weimar, Germany by Lucas Cranach, the Elder and his son, Lucas Cranach, the Younger.
Creation (Papp) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Creation (Papp)
Item #: 901289M
Beautiful, bright colors and stunning detail create a masterpiece of God's creation of the world. Perfect art print for the church nursery or a child's room at home.
Crossing the Red Sea (Copeland) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Crossing the Red Sea (Copeland)
Item #: 901337M
The amazing detail of this marvelous print shows the magnitude of the powerful story of Moses parting the Red Sea, allowing the Israelites to cross on dry ground.
David & Goliath (Papp) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
David & Goliath (Papp)
Item #: 901361M
This beautiful framed print colorfully illustrates the classic story of David defeating the giant Goliath, armed with a sling, five smooth stones, and his faith in God.
Doubting Thomas (Copeland) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Doubting Thomas (Copeland)
Item #: 901325M
This print depicts the shock and disbelief Thomas experienced when, after doubting his fellow disciples' news that Christ had risen, Jesus appeared before him.
Easter (Papp) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Easter (Papp)
Item #: 901321M
Celebrate our Savior's resurrection with this powerful artist's interpretation of the empty tomb. "He is not here, for He has risen, as He said." (Matt. 28:6)
First Disciples (Hunt) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
First Disciples (Hunt)
Item #: 901313M
This print shows Jesus calling the fishermen Simon Peter and his brother Andrew as His first disciples, telling them, "I will make you fishers of men" (Matt. 4:19).
Gideon (Copeland) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Gideon (Copeland)
Item #: 901359M
Rich colors and intricate detail beautifully tell the story of Gideon and the three hundred men who defeated Midian by the gracious hand of God.
Good Friday (Papp) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Good Friday (Papp)
Item #: 901323M
Reflect on this heart-wrenching sight of our Savior on the cross. This beautiful framed print reminds us that Christ Jesus paid the ultimate price for the sins of the world.
He Took the Children in His Arms more options
Starting at: $310.00 
He Took the Children in His Arms
Item #: 901393M
This heartwarming framed art print shares the delight and joy of little children in the presence of Jesus. Based on Mark 10:13-16.
He Trusted in the Lord more options
Starting at: $310.00 
He Trusted in the Lord
Item #: 901383M
This framed print is a wonderful illustration of the courageous story of Daniel in the lion's den, as well as a reminder of the Lord's enduring protection.
Head of Christ more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Head of Christ
Item #: 901369M
Hosanna, Blessed Is He (duBois) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Hosanna, Blessed Is He (duBois)
Item #: 901281M
Join the revelers in Jerusalem and proclaim Christ as the Son of David, the world's savior who comes in the name of the Lord, with this magnificent framed art print.
It Was Very Good more options
Starting at: $310.00 
It Was Very Good
Item #: 901377M
Rejoice in the glory of God's amazing world. This beautiful framed print exemplifies God's grace through the gift of His creation, and is a blessing to hang in any room.
Jacob's Dream (Gauthier) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Jacob's Dream (Gauthier)
Item #: 901299M
This beautiful framed print depicts Jacob's dream of a stairway leading up to heaven, as recorded in Genesis chapter 28. Perfect for a pastor or Sunday School room.
Jesus Heals the Blind Man (Bladholm) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Jesus Heals the Blind Man (Bladholm)
Item #: 901349M
The story of Jesus healing a blind man is brilliantly portrayed in this beautiful framed art print, reminding us that no condition is beyond Christ's power to heal.
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