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Books of the Bible

Deepen your understanding and appreciation of God’s Word with Bible studies tailored to learning the books of the Bible.


These adult Bible studies provide an active 9-week exploration of entire books of the Bible or Scriptural themes. LifeLight follows a simple, three-step format for personal, group, and lecture-based study for all learning styles.

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God’s Word for Today

Explore, in-depth, each book of the Bible with God’s Word for Today. Each session includes background information, Biblical author, occasion, and purpose, along with notes for leaders that help guide learning and apply God’s Word to your daily life.

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Find Your Bible Study by Topic

As a Christian there are many questions, thoughts, and ideas that you have questions to but struggle to find answers on. These Bible studies offer answers to guide you toward a Christian approach about any topic.

Bible Studies on Christian Life

Christian Life

Learn how to stand by your faith and stick with Christ through the difficulties and temptations of today’s world.

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Bible Studies on Current Issues

Current Issues

Many societal issues need a Christian answer to them, and these Bible studies can offer some guidance.

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Find Your Bible Study on the Church Year

We go to church on Sundays, but have you ever wondered what the church year represents? Answer questions about the church year and its Scripture readings with these downloadable Bible studies.

A Longer Look

Delve deeper into each week’s three Scripture readings with these Bible studies. Each study is based on the lectionary in Lutheran Service Book and provides information on the readings and their contexts.

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Church Year Series

This study follows the three-year lectionary schedule of Lutheran Worship Hymnal, covering the Scripture lessons of each church season and festival. Lessons are designed to let participants draw their own conclusions and life applications.

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Find Your Video Bible Study

For Bible studies that keep up with modern technology, look no further than our offerings below.

CPH FaithCourses®

Offering both paid and free Bible studies, CPH FaithCourses® comes with everything you need to jumpstart into the technological era of video studies.

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DVD Bible Studies

DVD Studies

DVD studies are great for groups that meet where internet connection is limited or groups that can't all meet at once: a DVD can easily be passed on to a single person to help them catch up.

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For video studies that accompany book studies, Vimeo is the place to go. These studies are meant for individuals and offer an in-depth understanding to the physical book’s study.

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Find Your Bible Study by Audience

If you already know the group you’re going to be studying with, or if it’s just yourself, find the perfect Bible study for men, women, or youth.

Women’s Studies

Written by women, for women, on topics women need answers on. Learn from popular authors such as Deb Burma and Christina Hergenrader with these in-depth studies.

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Men’s Studies

For guidance and answers to questions on topics such as fatherhood, disasters, or living a Godly life as a male, try one of these popular options.

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Youth Studies

Answer young adult’s pressing questions about important topics and how to lead a Christian lifestyle with Bible studies written specifically for youth.

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Matter of the Heart (Downloadable)
Price: $0.00 
Matter of the Heart

by Weedon, William
Item #: 203757
Comfort from God's Word in Hard Times This FREE Bible study helps teach participants that we should not fret in difficult times...
Noah and the Flood - Downloadable
Price: $0.00 
Noah and the Flood

Item #: 204191pdf
A free, one-session study of Genesis chapters 6 through 9 that explore how and why God uses water. 
The Real Man of Steel - Downloadable
Price: $0.00 
The Real Man of Steel

by Lehmann, Charles
Item #: 204181pdf
A One Session Bible Study on God's Strength. This Free Bible study explores the story of Superman as a way to start a conversation about how Jesus is the true " God of all" who shows His strength to us in weakness.
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