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Qualifying orders include sales of select in-stock LWML merchandise/product only and exclude free for postage items. This offer is valid for new orders placed through by clicking on the “Shop” button or by phone only. Minimum order of $75.01 USD. US shipping addresses only. Standard UPS ground and commercial shipping only. Some exclusions may apply.

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Martin Luther more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Martin Luther
Item #: 901409M
Every Lutheran church and home needs a print of Martin Luther! This classic portrait is a reproduction of the painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder.
Mary & Jesus on Easter Morning more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Mary & Jesus on Easter Morning
Item #: 901353M
Experience the astonishment of the women who have just discovered Jesus' empty tomb. Even as they worry that their lord's body was stolen, he appears alive before them!
Mary and Elizabeth more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Mary and Elizabeth
Item #: 901339M
Mary and Elizabeth rejoice together in their pregnancies as the infant John leaps for joy in Elizabeth's womb, recognizing Mary's baby as the Son of God.
Miraculous Catch (Gauthier) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Miraculous Catch (Gauthier)
Item #: 901327M
Depicting the risen Jesus cooking breakfast for his disciples on the beach after filling their nets with fish, this print reminds us that Christ provides for our every need.
Moses and the Burning Bush more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Moses and the Burning Bush
Item #: 901335M
In this print Moses is astonished to see a burning bush that is not consumed by fire. Even more startling is God's command to lead His people out of Egypt.
No Room in the Inn more options
Starting at: $310.00 
No Room in the Inn
Item #: 901363M
We are pleased to bring you this beautiful "No Room in the Inn" framed print of the highest quality from Tom duBois' "First Christmas" collection.
Pentecost (Hunt) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Pentecost (Hunt)
Item #: 901331M
This dramatic print depicts the day of Pentecost, when Jesus fulfilled His promise to send the Holy Spirit to His disciples, allowing them to preach in many languages.
Peter & John at the Empty Tomb (Gauthier) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Peter & John at the Empty Tomb (Gauthier)
Item #: 901351M
This bright, joyful print depicts the disciples Peter and John as they investigate Jesus' tomb on Easter morning, empty of everything but grave linens.
Presentation of Jesus (Bladholm) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Presentation of Jesus (Bladholm)
Item #: 901343M
Rejoice with the aging Simeon and the prophetess Anna in this beautiful framed print depicting the presentation of the precious baby Jesus at the temple.
Shed for You more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Shed for You
Item #: 901397M
Honor the meaning and significance of the Lord's Supper with this magnificent portrayal of the very first Communion in a beautiful framed print format.
Shepherds Quake (Gauthier) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Shepherds Quake (Gauthier)
Item #: 901341M
Peace on earth, and goodwill to men! Share the excitement of the shepherds as an angel of the Lord with the heavenly host announces the birth of our Savior.
Standing on Holy Ground more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Standing on Holy Ground
Item #: 901379M
Moses turns from the burning bush in fear, but God calls him and gives him the strength and the words to go before Pharaoh and lead Israel out of slavery in Egypt.
The Atoning Sacrifice more options
Starting at: $310.00 
The Atoning Sacrifice
Item #: 901401M
This framed print depiction of Jesus on the cross is a heartbreaking reminder of the extraordinary sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf to give us eternal life.
The Becoming (duBois) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
The Becoming (duBois)
Item #: 901283M
Bold, vibrant colors and amazing detail invite you to experience the building of the ark in this framed print, with Scripture from Genesis 6:5-9 running along the border.
The Bronze Serpent (Gauthier) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
The Bronze Serpent (Gauthier)
Item #: 901357M
This print shows Moses putting up a bronze snake on a pole in Israel's camp to save them from poisonous snakebites, prefiguring Jesus being lifted up on the cross.
The Forgiving Father more options
Starting at: $310.00 
The Forgiving Father
Item #: 901391M
This loving picture of a father's joy at the return of his prodigal son, in quality framed print form, personifies God's eternal forgiveness for all His children.
The Gathering (duBois) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
The Gathering (duBois)
Item #: 901285M
Journey to the ark in this detailed and vibrantly colored image depicting Noah gathering the animals into the ark. Scripture from Genesis 6-7 runs along the border.
The Gift Is Given more options
Starting at: $310.00 
The Gift Is Given
Item #: 901385M
This classic image of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus is now available as a beautiful framed print. Now you can own and give these paintings that tell the story of God's love.
The Good Shepherd more options
Starting at: $310.00 
The Good Shepherd
Item #: 901355M
This beautiful framed print depicts Jesus as the Good Shepherd a peaceful pasture scene, standing guard over his precious sheep. Praise God that Jesus is our shepherd.
The Good Shepherd more options
Starting at: $310.00 
The Good Shepherd
Item #: 901373M
Rejoice in Jesus, who is both our Good Shepherd and the risen Lamb who has overcome the world. This framed print makes a wonderful gift for a pastor's study.
The Mantle Is Cast more options
Starting at: $310.00 
The Mantle Is Cast
Item #: 901381M
This dramatic art print shares the astonishing story of how Elijah was separated from Elisha by a chariot of fire and taken by a whirlwind into heaven.
The Master Fisherman more options
Starting at: $310.00 
The Master Fisherman
Item #: 901375M
This artist depicts the power and strength of Christ, the Son of God and ruler of all, as he pulls in a catch of fish so large it begins to break the disciples' nets.
The New Creation (duBois) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
The New Creation (duBois)
Item #: 901287M
Celebrate God's New Creation in this print. The floods have subsided and the glorious beauty of God's creation has returned. Scripture from Genesis runs along the border.
The Seeker (duBois) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
The Seeker (duBois)
Item #: 901279M
Surrounded by warmth and light, this image of Jesus invites viewers to experience the hope Christ brings us through His enduring love and work on the cross.
The Victory Won more options
Starting at: $310.00 
The Victory Won
Item #: 901403M
In print format with a beautiful frame, this phenomenal gift of life is represented with bright colors and light to show that Jesus is the light of the world.
The Visitors (Gauthier) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
The Visitors (Gauthier)
Item #: 901295M
This quality art print uses a unique indoor perspective to depict God's disguised visit to Abraham and his wife Sarah, as recorded in Genesis chapter 18.
This Is My Beloved Son more options
Starting at: $310.00 
This Is My Beloved Son
Item #: 901387M
The remarkable details and vivid colors of this quality framed art print tell the story of the Baptism of Jesus in a beautiful and intriguing fashion.
Thy Will Be Done more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Thy Will Be Done
Item #: 901399M
Portraying Jesus' agonized prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, this artist gives life to our humble and obedient savior as he prepares to go to the cross.
Transfiguration (Hunt) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Transfiguration (Hunt)
Item #: 901317M
The Transfiguration comes alive in this glorious art print. Jesus stands with Moses and Elijah as God the Father confirms that He is "my Son, my Chosen One" (Luke 9).
Visit of the Wise Men (Gauthier) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Visit of the Wise Men (Gauthier)
Item #: 901345M
This framed artist's print contrasts the rich clothing of the magi with the humble home of Mary and Joseph as the wise men kneel to present their gifts to the infant king.
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