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Qualifying orders include sales of select in-stock CPH merchandise/product only and exclude special-order items (drop-ship or print-on-demand), gift cards or gift certificates, prepublications, technology subscriptions, technology support, other subscription or perpetual purchases, and Lutherans For Life (LFL), Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML), Bethesda, Kloria, and Synod products. This offer is valid for new orders placed through or phone only. This offer is not available for sales of products purchased for resale. Minimum order of $49 USD. U.S. and Canada only. Standard UPS ground and commercial shipping only. Some exclusions may apply.

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Baptism of Jesus (Hunt) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Baptism of Jesus (Hunt)
Item #: 901307M
This inspirational print of Jesus' baptism by John in the Jordan River helps teachers of children and adults share the persons and importance of the Trinity.
Baptism of the Spirit Pentecost Banner 3' x 6'
Price: $190.00 
Baptism of the Spirit Pentecost Banner 3' x 6'
Item #: 900110
This beautiful red banner features an icon-like image of the original day of Pentecost, when Holy Spirit descending upon the disciples with tongues of flame.
Baptism Sponsor Booklet (Pack of 12)
Price: $6.50 
Baptism Sponsor Booklet (Pack of 12)
Item #: 411059
This Baptism booklet covers the theological aspects of Baptism and includes ideas for gifts and relationship building.
Baptismal Candle more options
Starting at: $3.00 
Baptismal Candle
Item #: 881528M
The joy of Baptism is brightened with this lovely candle depicting the baptismal font and shell. Each candle makes a wonderful gift from the church or from sponsors.
Baptismal Candle – Chi Rho
Price: $4.50 
Baptismal Candle – Chi Rho
Item #: 881526
These Baptismal candles feature a red Chi Rho design with the Greek letters alpha and omega below a symbol of a dove over a Trinitarian triangle. 51% beeswax.
Baptismal Candle (Case of 24)
Price: $65.00 
Baptismal Candle (Case of 24)
Item #: 881527
Can be given as a gift to the baptized from the church or from the sponsors. Depicts the baptismal font...
Baptismal Overlay
Price: $4.25 
Baptismal Overlay
Item #: 881081
This infant baptismal bib features a lovely multicolor design tastefully imprinted on white polyester felt to symbolize how Baptism covers us with Christ's righteousness.
Beatitudes (Copeland) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Beatitudes (Copeland)
Item #: 901315M
With vivid color and fine detail, this print places you at the feet of Jesus as he preaches the Beatitudes during his Sermon on the Mount. (Matthew 5:3-12)
Beeswax Advent Candles more options
Starting at: $49.95 
Beeswax Advent Candles
Item #: 881762M
These long-burning 1 1/2" candles are produced from 51% beeswax to ensure the purest form and the longest-burning flame, made especially for church Advent wreaths.
Behold the Lamb Advent Banner 3' x 6'
Price: $190.00 
Behold the Lamb Advent Banner 3' x 6'
Item #: 900102
The "Behold the Lamb" Advent banner features Christ as the victorious Lamb of God, with a cross halo and standard, along with the text, "Behold the Lamb of God."
Behold the Lamb Paschal Candle 2"x36"
Price: $145.95 
Behold the Lamb Paschal Candle 2"x36"
Item #: 900089
This 51% beeswax Paschal Candle features patterned burgundy borders, cross, and Greek letters Alpha and Omega, as well as a golden year date and a sacrificial lamb image.
Behold, I Bring You Good Tidings (duBois) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Behold, I Bring You Good Tidings (duBois)
Item #: 901365M
We are pleased to bring you this beautiful "Behold, I Bring You Good Things" framed print of the highest quality from Tom duBois' "First Christmas" collection.
Benedictine Paschal Candle 2"x36"
Price: $98.30 
Benedictine Paschal Candle 2"x36"
Item #: 882780
51% beeswax Paschal Candle with sculpted cross...
Birth of Jesus (Bladholm) more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Birth of Jesus (Bladholm)
Item #: 901303M
This enchanting art print shares the story of that blessed first Christmas from Joseph's perspective. As Mary sleeps, Joseph holds the newborn Christ child in his arms.
Black Cord for Clergy Crosses
Price: $5.50 
Black Cord for Clergy Crosses
Item #: 882849
This simple black cord with a silver ring and slide is a wonderful, inexpensive solution for clergy cross pendants that do not come with a necklace cord or chain.
Blessed Is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord more options
Starting at: $310.00 
Blessed Is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord
Item #: 901395M
Hosanna in the highest! The crowds gather around Jesus as he enters Jerusalem on a donkey, cheering and worshiping the Son of God come to save them.
Blue Bemberg Stole with Gold Fringe
Price: $225.00 
Blue Bemberg Stole with Gold Fringe
by CPH
Item #: 882340
A star cross is embroidered on this traditional stole made of Tudor Rose Bemberg. Gold fringe.  92".
Blue Cathedral Cross Stole
Price: $175.00 
Blue Cathedral Cross Stole
Item #: 882580
Latin cross is embroidered on a textured polyester stole and accented with gold trim above hem. Contoured neck. 110" x 5".
Blue Chasuble
Price: $211.00 
Blue Chasuble
Item #: 902974
Blue chasuble with embroidered cross is made of wrinkle-resistant textured polyester.  Includes matching self-lined stole.
Bound Guest Book
Price: $55.00 
Bound Guest Book
Item #: 811445
Classic red imitation leather guest book. Includes space for name, address, phone number and home congregation. Holds approximately 700 entries...
Brass & Oak Paschal Candlestick with 2" Socket
Price: $515.00 
Brass & Oak Paschal Candlestick with 2" Socket
Item #: 903087
This 43" Paschal candlestick is crafted of satin brass and select hardwoods.
Brass Ash Pyx
Price: $123.00 
Brass Ash Pyx
Item #: RW60
This pyx is specially crafted from highly polished solid brass with a cross-handled lid to hold palm ashes for the Imposition of Ashes at Ash Wednesday services.
Brass Bible Stand
Price: $690.00 
Brass Bible Stand
Item #: RW700
Solid brass bible stand has a satin brass top and high polished 3-step base. Top measures 10" x 15".
Brass Bread Plate
Price: $104.00 
Brass Bread Plate
Item #: RW405BR
Brass Bread Plate Base
Price: $132.60 
Brass Bread Plate Base
Item #: RW407BR
Brass Bread Plate Cover
Price: $162.00 
Brass Bread Plate Cover
Item #: RW403BR
Brass Candlelighter more options
Starting at: $59.95 
Brass Candlelighter
Item #: 901463M
Candlelighter is made of solid, highly polished brass and finished with a durable hardwood handle. Hand-crafted for years of use.
Brass Candlesticks (Pair) more options
Starting at: $489.00 
Brass Candlesticks (Pair)
Item #: RW1118BRM
These paired altar candlesticks come in 8"", 10"", and 12"" heights, making them ideal for a chapel setting or a smaller altar.
Brass Communion Tray
Price: $257.90 
Brass Communion Tray
Item #: RW400BR
Brass Follower more options
Starting at: $7.60 
Brass Follower
Item #: 900071M
Brass follower for 1-1/8 disposable candle. This follower is designed specifically for disposable candles and should not be used with wax candles.
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