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In this four-session study, Christians will be encouraged to find Christ's power and encouragement in His Sermon on the Plain. 
Although Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5–7) is well-known, His Sermon on the Plain (Luke 6) packs a powerful message too. Although not as well-known, this sermon of Jesus is just as challenging to Jesus' followers and every bit as comforting. Unique to our Lord's sermon in Luke, His four beatitudes ("blessings") are paired with four jolting condemnations ("woes"). The four sessions of this Insight course follow the following built-in outline. Used as a tool to dig into Scripture itself, Blessings in Disguise can help today's Christians find Christ's power and encouragement.
Session 1: Blessed the Poor/Woe to the Rich
Session 2: Blessed the Hungry/Woe to the Well Fed
Session 3: Blessed the Weeping/Woe to the Laughing
Session 4: Blessed the Despised/Woe to the Popular

About the Series
The Insight Series consists of short four-session adult Bible studies with life-application suggestions. Each course looks at an important biblical topic or theme. Use these courses to gain insight into the Scriptures. Learn what God is saying about Himself, about you, and about His Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ. These insights will help you as you go about your disciple's task of living in the Word and will equip you for a more fruitful study of Scripture.
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