Adult Bible Study (OT2)

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The Adult Bible Study features an easy-to-use study outline that provides an in-depth review of the Bible account.
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Please note: Growing in Christ has been replaced by Enduring Faith Bible Curriculum. Materials will not be reprinted once the stock has been depleted. For more information on the Enduring Faith Bible Curriculum please click here.

Engage adults in your congregation with a Bible study that challenges them to dig deeper into each week’s Bible account. Because adults study the same Bible lesson as kids, the study also provides parents with ideas for family connections during the week, and offers ideas for personal reflection.

The Adult Bible Study includes:

  • A background Bible commentary for the Bible study leader
  • A four-step weekly study outline with teaching points and discussion questions
  • Reproducible participant pages

The thirteen Old Testament Bible stories covered in the God Protects His People in Egypt and the Exodus study are:

  • Joseph and His Brothers
    Joseph’s Troubles
    Joseph Feeds Egypt
    Joseph Forgives
    The Birth of Moses
    Moses and the Burning Bush
    Moses and the Plagues
    The Passover
    Crossing the Red Sea
    God Provides Manna, Water, and Quail
    The Ten Commandments
    Worship in the Tabernacle
    The Bronze Serpent

About Growing in Christ
Growing in Christ is a Sunday School program for ages 2 to adult that takes students through the Bible in three years. It follows a same-age classroom model so students learn and grow in faith alongside their peers. Together, they explore the Bible, draw connections to the Small Catechism, and learn about the traditions of the Lutheran Church.

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