A Flame in the Dark: A Novel about Luther’s Reformation

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Join Heinrich and those he loves as they live during Luther's Reformation, learning about the free grace God offers His children in the midst of their messy lives.
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1517. Wittenberg, Germany.

Amid the cultural upheaval brought on by Dr. Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses is Heinrich Ritter, who is experiencing turmoil of his own.

A law student at the university where Luther teaches, Heinrich is on the path to a career that will provide the income necessary for the welfare of himself and his sister. However, his interest, his passion, is theology, sparked by Luther’s lectures and by the Word of God.

Heinrich’s life is further complicated by his host family’s eldest daughter, Marlein, who has caught his eye but refuses to consider his courtship. Yet his immediate concern is Brigita, his sister, who arrives unexpectedly— hungry, hunted, frightened—and puts their future in jeopardy.

Baughman’s rich, authentic novel is set against the backdrop of the Reformation, showing how the reverberations of this religious reform echoed throughout the world and in the lives of ordinary people. A Flame in the Dark brings to life characters who lived not only during one of the most tumultuous times in history but also alongside one of its greatest figures. See how God’s Word works in all of life’s messy complications, no matter our place in history, to spread the fire of His love, mercy, and salvation.


"An ingenious look at the nature of love in light of Lutheran theology. " —Kirkus Reviews 

“A warm and engaging tale.”
—Heidi Goehmann, author of Altogether Beautiful

“Reading A Flame in the Dark is like stepping back into Reformation-era Wittenberg, Germany. Sarah Baughman carefully crafts a believable tale with a fresh perspective.”
—Sue Matzke, avid reader and pastor’s wife

“Even though this story takes place during the Reformation, the message in A Flame in the Dark is nevertheless prevalent today, tomorrow, and well into the future.”
—Adriann Harris, book reviewer

“If you enjoy historical fiction, be sure to add this one to your list!”
—Jamie Lapeyrolerie, Musings of Jamie


About the Author
Sarah stays busy with her husband and their four children in Texas. They are members of Our Savior Lutheran in Houston and are blessed with a great church family. Sarah earned her BA in theology with a minor in English from Concordia University Chicago. When she isn’t writing historical fiction or reading, she is usually spending time outdoors, sewing, or crafting. She prays that her writing will touch lives with the hope that is found in Christ.

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