A Biblical Response to Satanism (Pack of 20)

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This book addresses satanism from a Christian perspective. Satan seeks to tempt by offering us our own desire and a twisted "liberation", but true freedom is found only in Christ, who frees us from sin.
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While the "Church of Satan" of the contemporary Satanism began in the late 60's, Satan has worked deception in the hearts of men since his fall. Satanists venerate Satan, sometimes as symbol and sometimes as a being, and they celebrate radical freedom in their own self expression and autonomy. 

As repugnant as this is, their values of liberation are the same that plague all mankind. Adam and Eve fell when they submitted to the temptation to eat, thinking they would be like God. We sin when we hope to save ourselves. 

Only in Christ do we find true freedom, the freedom from sin.

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The Biblical Response series offers brief and easy-to-read summaries of important cultural topics for people who want to know what God’s Holy Word says about cultural issues that touch our lives.

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