A Biblical Response to Cults (Pack of 20)

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An introduction to cults and their methods from a biblical perspective, with advice on witnessing to those who have been led astray.
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Though hidden from public view, cults are frightening reality even in today’s religious landscape.

Cults can exert influence on people through charismatic leaders, claims of new revelation, or even just the promise of a better life, but it comes at a cost. While emotional and physical abuses are common within cults, their greatest crime is the spiritual abuse of separating members from Christ.

Inside Biblical Response, you’ll find a primer on the tactics cults use to draw in and retain members as well as biblical counsel to share with individuals who have fallen to the influences of a cult.

About the Series

The Biblical Response series offers brief and easy-to-read summaries of important cultural topics for people who want to know what God’s Holy Word says about cultural issues that touch our lives.

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