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The Church Organist, Vol. II

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The Church Organist, Vol. II

by Thomas, Paul

Item #: 974770WEB / 1968


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The compositions in this volume by Belgian, English, French, German, and Italian composers of the 17th and 18th centuries are intended as preludes, voluntaries, and postludes in services of worship.  Almost all of the pieces were originally written for this purpose and are admirably suited for such use today.  Edited by Paul Thomas.


Prelude and Fughetta - Händel;  Prelude and Fugue - Zachau;  Prelude-Basse de Trompette - Nivers;  Fugue - Buxtehude;  Prelude - Krebs;  Fugue - Pachelbel;  Prelude - Dandrieu;  Verse - Kerckhoven;  Fugue - Pachelbel;  Prelude - JS Bach;  Fantasia - Krieger;  Toccata - Frescobaldi;  Prelude - Milan;  Voluntary - Walond;  Verset - Zipoli;  Benedicamus te - Couperin;  Voluntary - Stanley;  Prelude and Fugue - Fischer;  Prelude and Fughetta - Fischer;  Voluntary - Boyce;  Prelude - Krieger;  Prelude - Frescobaldi;  Prelude - Schildt;  Fughetta - Muffat;  Magnificat - Dandrieu;  Voluntary - Stanley;  Prelude - Frescobaldi;  Voluntary - Greene;  Prelude - JS Bach

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Prelude and Fughetta; Prelude and Fugue; Prelude-Basse de Trompette; Fugue; Prelude; Fugue; Prelude; Verse; Fugue; Prelude; Fantasia; Toccata; Prelude; Voluntary; Verset; Benedicamus te; Voluntary; Prelude and Fugue; Prelude and Fughetta; Voluntary; Prelude; Prelude; Prelude; Fughetta; Magnificat; Voluntary; Prelude; Voluntary; Prelude
Thomas, Paul
Johann Sebastian Bach; William Boyce; Dietich Buxtehude; Francois Le Grand Couperin; Jean Francois Dandrieu; Johann Kaspar Ferdinand Fischer; Girolamo Grescobaldi; Maurice Greene; George Frideric Handel; Abraham Kerckhoven; Johann Ludwig Krebs; Johann Krieger; Don Luis Milan; Gottlieb Muffat; Guillaume-Gabriel Nivers; Johann Pachelbel; Melchior Schildt; John Stanley; William Walond; Friedrich Wilhelm Zachow; Domenico Zipoli

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The Church Organist, Vol. II

by Thomas, Paul

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