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God's Word for Today: Song of Solomon

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God's Word for Today: Song of Solomon

by Gary Dunker

Item #: 203710WEB / 2006 / Paperback / 120 Pages

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Each study in the God’s Word for Today series provides an in-depth exploration of a book of the Bible. Each session includes:

  • background information on the book of the Bible, its author, audience, occasion, and purpose;
  • learning experiences that promote exciting and challenging discussions;
  • notes for leaders that answer questions, suggest a learning process, and provide additional information;
  • discussion starters that help participants apply God’s Word to their daily lives.

One of the most beautiful books in the Bible, Song of Solomon is also perhaps one of the most difficult to interpret for people of faith. However, the themes of love and longing, and expectation and fulfillment take on a wondrous cast and hue when seen as a reflection of God's love for His people. This book will teach you about:

  • the power and beauty of physical love within the clearly defined boundaries that God has established.
  • the reflection of Christ's love for His Church, through faithful, human marriage.
  • the consummation of God's love for us in Chirst, to be celebrated at the marriage feast of the Lamb.

Lesson Outline:

Lesson 1 - Yearning for Love
Lesson 2 - The Bride Adorned
Lesson 3 - The Lily and the Apple Tree
Lesson 4 - A Spring Marriage Proposal
Lesson 5 - First Nocturnal Search
Lesson 6 - The Wedding Day
Lesson 7 - Visions of Eden
Lesson 8 - Second Nocturnal Search
Lesson 9 - Christ and His Church Prefigured
Lesson 10 - The Shulammite Swept Up
Lesson 11 - Yahweh's Flame

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