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Life by His Word - Complete Set CD-ROM

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Life by His Word - Complete Set CD-ROM

Item #: 203488WEB / 2009 / CD-ROM / 9000 Pages

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Who is this product for? God’s Word is our source for life. Through deeper study of each book in the Bible, we see the big picture of Scripture from creation through the redemption of Jesus Christ. If you crave more intentional, comprehensive study of all of the Bible, you will appreciate Life by His Word. Whether you are new to the church, a life-long member, part of a small group, or studying on your own, the studies included will connect you with the full story of God’s work in your life and lead you to see His promises anew.

What does this provide for you?
• A comprehensive study of God’s Word, with lessons for every single chapter, in every single book of the entire Bible.
• Connection to the timeless conversation that has been unfolding within and around God’s Word throughout the centuries.
• Page references to The Lutheran Study Bible.
• Reproducible handouts for your study groups. 

What is it?
This Bible study on CD-ROM covers every book and chapter of the Bible.
With more than 1,500 individual study lessons [that's less than 20 cents for each lesson], this Bible study provides discussion questions, application, and summary insights. Every chapter and every book are explored, offering a rich and full approach to study and devotion. Each lesson is divided up in easy to use one-page handouts.
The CD-ROM includes teaching materials and student materials in two formats: PDF to print directly and RFT for customization.
“With Life by His Word, the pastor has a Bible study for any hot topic that comes up in the news,“ says Rev. Edward Engelbrecht, general editor of The Lutheran Study Bible. “Just think about the chapter of Scripture that addresses the topic, find the chapter study in Life by His Word, and you’re good to go.”
John Beck, Allen Beyersdorf, Jeffrey Bonack, Matthew Crass, Charles Degner, Steven Degner,
Michael Feuerstahler, William Fischer, Aaron Frey, Stephen Geiger, James Getka, Eric Hartzell,
Robert Hochmuth, James Janke, Paul Janke, Armin Keibel, Brian Keller, John Kelly, Geoffrey
Kieta, Thomas Kock, Robert Koester, David Kolander, Brian Kom, Arnold Kunde, James
Langebartels, Lyle Luchterhand, Harry Marks, Peter Panitzke, James Pope, Joel Prange, David
Reichel, John A. Schroeder, John P. Schroeder, Snowden Sims, Philip Spaude, Carl Voss, Robert
Voss, Keith Wessel, Mark Wilde, James Witt, James Ziesemer.

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Young Adult
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Life by His Word - Complete Set CD-ROM

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