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“Make your ear attentive to wisdom and incline your heart to understanding.” Proverbs 2:2

The blessings of digital printing technology make it possible for us to offer you treasures from our archives that offer you the best of past preaching and teaching of God’s Word.

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Bible Difficulties and Seeming Contradictions
by Arndt, W.
Item #: PD0053
William Arndt examines the most frequently cited "discrepancies" in the Bible. 

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Ministry, Word, and Sacraments - An Enchiridion
by Chemnitz, Martin
Item #: PD0062
Martin Chemnitz is credited with defining the Reformation movement begun by Martin Luther. Chemnitz was a major contributor to the...

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Selected Writings of C.F.W. Walther - Law and Gospel
by Walther, C.F.W.
Item #: PD0031
The first in a series of six-volumes offers translations of selected writings from C.F.W. Walther. This volume offers a translation of...

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The Burden Made Light
by Doeffler, Alfred
Item #: PD0042
This book contains meditations on God's Word and prayers for those suffering from illness or confined to their homes due...

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A Century of Grace
by Baepler, Walter
Item #: PD0050
A Century of Grace - A History of the Missouri Synod 1847-1947 This volume was produced by the Missouri Synod for its100th...

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A Prayer Primer
by Kolb, Erwin
Item #: PD0061
Brief Bible studies and a question-and-answer format lead readers into a biblical understanding of the purpose and means of prayer.

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Andreae and the Formula of Concord
by Kolb, Robert (Ed.)
Item #: 122645POD
This is the only English translation of a series of sermons by Lutheran theologian, Jacob Andreae.

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Armed and Dangerous
by Fryar, Jane
Item #: 123346POD
With this book, you'll learn how prayer works, the importance of prayer, the nature of praying for others, how to...

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Battling for the Modern Mind
by Peters, Thomas
Item #: 123236POD
Author Peter C. Thomas introduces readers to ideas of faith from British journalist G. K. Chesterton.

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Black Christians: The Untold Story
by Johnson, Jeff
Item #: 123162POD
This book is a historical study of Africian American Christians who choose to stay within white denominations. Four key objectives...

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Christian Art: Its Place and Use in Lutheran Worship
by Kretzmann, Paul
Item #: PD0043
This unique volume offers a handbook for busy pastor, student or interested layperson to better understand the use of Christian...

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Christian Prayer
by Arndt, W.
Item #: PD0056
Through perhaps the most common practice of all those who claim to be religious, prayer is often misunderstood, used incorrectly...

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Classic Commentary on 1 & 2 Samuel
by Gehrke, Ralph
Item #: PD0015
Concordia Classic Commentary Series - 1 & 2 Samuel A commentary on 1& 2 Samuel aimed at the advanced lay reader...

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Classic Commentary on 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon
by Bartling, Victor
Item #: PD0038
A commentary on 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon by Victor A. Bartling.

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Classic Commentary on Acts
by Smith, Robert
Item #: PD0039
A commentary on Acts by Robert H. Smith.

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Classic Commentary on Ephesians
by Stoeckhardt, George
Item #: PD0020
George Stoeckhardt was a brilliant young scholar from Germany who brought to The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod the riches of classic...

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Classic Commentary on Jeremiah
by Laetsch
Item #: PD0022
This classic Lutheran commentary on the Prophet Jeremiah's writings, by Dr. Theodore Laetsch, opens the work of Jeremiah, with a...

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Classic Commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations
by Habel, Norman
Item #: PD0016
This volume of the Concordia Classic Commentary Series is aimed at the advanced lay reader or pastor, with the goal...

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Classic Commentary on Luke
by Arndt, William
Item #: PD0021
The great Lutheran New Testament scholar, William F. Arndt, the editor of the great Bauer New Testament lexicon, offers in...

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Classic Commentary on Minor Prophets
by Laetsch
Item #: PD0023
This is a classic Lutheran commentary on the Old Testament by Dr. Theodore Laetsch.

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Close the Back Door: Ways to Create a Caring Congregational Fellowship
by Harre, Alan
Item #: 122867POD
Every church has them-inactive members who drop out of church life. Statistics show that more and more individuals every year...

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Concordia Triglotta
by Dau, William
Item #: 173938POD
This is a unique edition of the Book of Concord featuring the text of the Lutheran Confessions in their original German (1580) edition and Latin (1584) edition,

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Confirmation in the Lutheran Church
by Repp, Arthur
Item #: PD0025
This volume addresses the interest in offering Holy Communion to children at an earlier age. 

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Considering a Church Career?
by Bickel, Philip
Item #: 123286POD
This helpful booklet will assists persons considering a career of full-time service in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. The book offers...

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Follow Me: Discipleship According to St. Matthew
by Franzmann, Martin
Item #: PD0033
Martin Franzmann digs deeply into the Holy Scriptures to show what it means to be a follower of Jesus. 

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From Luther to Kierkegaard
by Pelikan, Jaraslov
Item #: PD0034
Jaroslav Pelikan offers an analysis of the relationship between philosophical thought and Lutheran theology since the Reformation.

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Genes, Genesis and Evolution
by Klotz, John
Item #: 122637POD
The American Library Association awarded this book its annual award in the area of "Outstanding Religious Books" for its lucid...

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Getting into the Formula of Concord
by Klug, Eugene
Item #: 122646POD
This book arrangement is ideal for individual readers and group discussions.

God Grant It
by Walther, C.F.W.
Item #: 124261
This is a translation of the collection of lectionary-based devotions for the entire church taken from Walther's sermons and published...

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Government in the Missouri Synod
by Mundinger, Carl
Item #: PD0024
This work is the classic and formative study of the development of the system of church organization and governance of the LCMS.

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