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“Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” Colossians 1:28

Our resources for youth help them deal with the unique pressures and temptations that confront them every day and ground them in the truth of God’s Word, helping them to anchor their lives in Christ.

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Godly and Girly
by Marsh, Lacy G.
Item #: 124433
Inspire and encourage young girls with the truth that they are created in God's image and are beautiful in Him.

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Luther: Echoes of the Hammer
by Leigh, Susan
Item #: 562478
Students read details about Martin Luther and other important figures in a graphic novel format.

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Life's Big Questions, God's Big Answers
by Alles, Brad
Item #: 203486
Youth want straight answers when it comes to questions about their faith. This book looks at their questions in light of scripture.

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Time to Pray - Daily Prayers for Youth
by Witt, Elmer
Item #: 124387
Time to Pray is filled with prayers concerning the daily challenges young people face today. -read more-

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150 Psalms for Teens
by Weisheit, Eldon
Item #: 124149
The book provides teens with the Psalms, in updated, contemporary language, so they might learn how to better identify their...

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A Horse of a Different Color - Horsefeathers
by Mackall, Dandi Daley
Item #: 562029
Although business is looking up at Horsefeathers Stable, Sarah "Scoop" Coop has made improvements that will raise property values—and taxes...

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Anniversary Devotional Collection (Set of 2)
Item #: 061332
Includes one copy of Daily Devotions - 75 Years of Portals of Prayer and one copy of My Devotions - 50th Anniversary Edition.

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Blessings and Prayers for Confirmation
Item #: 124325
Give a pocket-sized devotional to new confirmands and remind them of God's forgiveness and grace.

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Called to Be: Devotions for Teens by Teens
Item #: 561887
These 60 devotions, written for teens by teens, help young people connect their life experiences with their faith and deal...

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Chosen! Won!: Devotions for Teens by Teens
Item #: 124284
A collection of 60 devotions, written by high school students, concerning issues that challenge them today. The devotions reflect high...

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College 101: Leaders Guide (Downloadable)
Item #: 203798
Who is this product for? Students are growing up and preparing to leave for college. As a pastor...

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Confirmation Basics
by Various
Item #: 223105
This new addition to our popular Basics series explores a variety of educational models for teaching confirmation. Learn the pros...

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Confirmation Remembered
Item #: 124132
Confirmation is a major step in a young adult's faith. It is a day that will forever remain in his/her...

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Confirmed in Christ
by Gesch, Roy
Item #: 123317
A gift book that helps confirmands see the value of their spiritual training. Inside this book is a straight-forward picture...

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Eutychus Youth: Applied Theology for Youth Ministry in the 21st Century
by Rev. John Oberdeck
Item #: 223120
Who is this product for? The author encourages pastors, Directors of Christian Education, youth ministry volunteers, college...

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Hero of Faith - C.F.W. Walther
by Pershbacher, Gerald
Item #: 630551
Youth learn about the struggles that faced C.F.W. Walther during his lifetime.

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Hero of Faith - Dr. Bessie Rehwinkel
by Sutton, Trevor A.
Item #: 630653
Iowa-raised Dr. Bessie Rehwinkel served others before herself. Read her story in this short biography.

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Hero of Faith - Johann Sebastian Bach
by Bobb, Barry L.
Item #: 630552
One of the greatest musicians of all time, God used Johann Sebastian Bach to reach His people. 

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Hero of Faith - Katharina Von Bora
by Fryar, Jane L.
Item #: 630550
Katharina von Bora was Martin Luther's wife and a woman of faith who spent her life serving God.

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Hero of Faith - Rosa Young
by Weerts, Christine
Item #: 630553
Rosa Young overcame hardship and struggle, and pioneered Lutheran Christian education in Alabama.

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Hero of the Faith Biography Set (8 books)
Item #: 630914
These historical biographies share the life of eight Lutheran historical figures...

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Hindsight: Reflections on Life in the Real World
by various authors
Item #: 124180
This book is a collection of 60 devotions written by college students concerning issues that challenge students on the college...

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Horse Whispers in the Air - Horsefeathers
by Mackall, Dandi Daley
Item #: 562028
Grandad Coop couldn't have picked a better time to wander off—3:10 a.m. on the morning school starts. Ninth grade seems...

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Horsefeathers Mystery - Horsefeathers
by Mackall, Dandi Daley
Item #: 562118
Sarah "Scoop" Coop knows she needs to remodel and update Horsefeathers Stable to attract enough new business. And that takes...

Price: $22.49 
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Horsefeathers Set (4)
by Daley Mackall, Dandi
Item #: 562176
Sarah "Scoop" Coop's life revolves around her horse, Orphan, and the family stable business. Scoop and her friends learn major...

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Horsefeathers! - Horsefeathers
by Mackall, Dandi Daley
Item #: 562026
Fourteen-year-old Sarah Coop knows horses better than she knows herself--especially Orphan, a mixed-breed mare from her grandfather's stable. Scoop is...

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I Believe: A Student Devotional Journal
Item #: 124355
The pages of I Believe contain faith stories. Some are funny...

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Imagine That!: Devotions for Teens by Teens
by various authors
Item #: 124181
Imagine talking about God's power, truth, love, and praise, and how to live His Word, all in one book! Here...

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Inside the Reformation
Item #: 124392
Inside the Reformation is a visual journey of the Reformation with elaborate pages and text.

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Jammin' Jokes for Kids
by Phillips/Russo
Item #: 177296
Kids love to laugh—and they never get tired of new opportunities for fun! That’s proven by the fact our joke...

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