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“Of making many books there is no end.” Ecc. 12:12

Publishing is in the midst of changes as momentous as those it went through with the invention of the moveable type printing press in the late 1400s. Technology makes possible the dissemination of information more widely and more quickly than ever before. We are on the leading edge of digital technologies, offering as many of its resources as possible, in as many formats as we can.

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Beautiful Feet Retreat Kit (CD-ROM)
by Burma, Deb
Item #: 203942
Take a look at your gorgeous tootsies right now and smile. They're beautiful! Your feet take you many places, don't they?...

Price: $50.98 
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Center Stage Old and New Testament Bible Story Skits 2-CD Pack
Item #: 272005

Dying to Live: The Power of Forgiveness (ebook Edition)
by Senkbeil, Harold
Item #: 123225kin
How do simple water, bread, wine, and human words work in sinful lives to make people over into new creatures?

God at Work (ebook Edition)
by Various
Item #: 223138kin
YOU can change lives by teaching Law and Gospel! These 34 articles share how...

Price: $279.99 
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God's Word for Today: Collection on CD-ROM
by Various
Item #: 203768
Who is this product for? The title of this study is God’s Word for Today because God’s Word...

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Life by His Word - Complete Set CD-ROM
Item #: 203488
Who is this product for? God’s Word is our source for life. Through deeper study of each book...

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LSB Confirmation Certificate - customizable
Item #: 913075
Commemorate the day your students enter the solemn rite of Confirmation.

Price: $129.99 
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Lutheran Difference: Collection on CD-ROM
by Various
Item #: 203766
Who is this product for? There is a difference in what we believe as Lutherans and what other...

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Lutheran Spirituality: Collection on CD-ROM
by Various
Item #: 203767
Who is this product for? A lot of religions use the word spirituality freely, but it is only...

Luther's Large Catechism with Study Questions (ebook Edition)
by Paul T. McCain, editor
Item #: 223116kin
Students of the Word will appreciate this expanded edition featuring in-depth study questions.

On Creation and Predestination – Theological Commonplaces (ebook Edition)
by Gerhard, Johann
Item #: 531148kin
Gerhard addresses creation, anthropology, angels, divine providence, eternal election, and the image of God. 

PastoralCare (Android App)
Item #: 031178drd

PastoralCare (iOS App)
Item #: 031178app

Pray Now (Android App)
Item #: 124369drd
PrayNow is the daily prayer app that places the Scriptures at the center of daily meditation and prayer.

Pray Now (App)
Item #: 124369

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Restore the Roar! - Resources for Lent and Easter Preaching and Worship
by Lessing, R.
Item #: 155179
This CD includes resources for the pastor and musician, designed to lead the Christian congregation through the season of Lent in preparation for the Easter celebration.

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The Power of We: DVD and CD-ROM
by Ludwig, David
Item #: 203487
Who is this product for? Pastors or church professionals looking for a great resource to use...

Price: $39.99 
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Treasured Retreat Kit (CD-ROM)
by Burma, Deb
Item #: 203940
What is more precious than diamonds? YOU! You are the precious daughter of your heavenly Father, who claims you as His...

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